Little Lord Fauntleroy Suits: Color

Figure 1.--This American boy about 1890 wears a black suit with a red bow, white blouse, black long stockings, and black shoes. This looks to be a Fauntleroy jacket, although it is not a cklassic cut-away jacker with a connecting tab. The portrait because of the pose looks to be painted from a photographic portrait, perhaps at a photographic studio. Note the grey kepi the boy is holding, not a common choice for wearing with a Fauntleroy suit.

Color is another interesting aspect of Fauntleroy suits. Of course they mostly look black in the black-and-white photographic portraits of the day. We have only a few color images. There are some paintings. And some enhanced hand-painted photo portraits. I am not sure if these were painted over photographs or paintings done from photographs. Of course such paintings are not as definitive evidence as actual color photographs. We think, however, that the paintings generally accurately depicted the colors. Another useful source of color information is vintage garments. Here we have various areas to persue. Of special interest are the colors associated with with classic velvet Fauntleroy suits. Here we notice mostly dark colors in the blavk-and-white portraits. They probalu were mosly black, but there were also dark shades of blue, browm. burgandy, and green. There were also collar-buttoning Fauntleoy suits. And mothers often used Fauntleroy trim with regular suits. As to color we are not only interested in the color of the suit, but associated garments like the blouse, bow, and stockings worn with the suit. The blouses were of course mostly white, but there were other colors as well as stripes.


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