Little Lord Fauntleroy Suits: Sewing Patterns

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This appears to be a HBC page lost in one of the several transitions to new hosts. So we are reconstructing the page. The best source of Little Lord Fauntleroy suits id The Delineator which began publishing in the 1870s. After 1885, counless Fauntleroy uit patterns were offered in Delineator The pattern were Butterick patterns. There are several Fauntleroy patterns archived on HBC. We will reload the links here as we come across them.

Delineator (1889)

This Delineator article/adverisement from 1889 provides a good deal of useful information. Mothers could buy patterns of the styles they selected for their sons. This article provided three styles of Fauntleroy suit--the sailor, the riding suit and the court suit. The ad copy read, "LORD FAUNTLEROY SUITS. The popularity of the Lord Fauntleroy suits is due in large part to their appearance in the characterization of a "little lord", the hero of Frances Hodgson Burnett's famous work which has been playing in London and New York. The hero, a young boy of sunny disposition and angelic mien, appeared in four costumes, three of which are shown here--the sailor, the riding suit and the court suit. Young boys will wear them until their ages are written in double numbers. ...."

Dileneator (1900)

Here is another Dilenastor Butterick Fauntleroy patterm. It was a classic cut-away jacket suit. The Fauntleroy suit gradually declined in popularity duriung the 1900s.


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