Little Lord Fauntleroy Kilt Suits: Headwear

Figure 1.--Here we have an unidentified American boy wearing a wide-brimmed sailor hat with a kilt suit. The portrait is undated, but was probably taken about 1900. For an enlarged detail pass your cursor over the image.

We are not sure just what headwear was worn with these Fauntlerpy kilt suits. Many of the available portraits show the boys without any headwear. We do know that the boys wore broad-brimmed hats, often with streamers. The hats while large were generally plain. In a fe instanced we have noted famcy decorated hats. We think that this was probably the most common headwear. And we have photographic evidence conforming that these caps were worn with Fauntleroy kilt suits. Contemporary illustrations certainly suggest this. Our photgraphic evidence is more limited. Thus we are not entirely sure. The broad-brimmed hat certainly was not the only headwear. Here we need more information. we are just not sure what other styles were worn. We suspect that one popular style was the Scottish Glengary cap.


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Created: 6:29 PM 8/19/2006
Last updated: 2:05 PM 9/1/2013