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Little Lord Fauntleroy Kilt Suits: Garments

Fauntleroy kilt suit
Figure 1.--here we see two siblings spaced rather wide apart 4-5 years of age. the boy wears a velvet Fauntleroy kilt suit. The jacket and blouse. however, could have been worn just as well with a knee pants ratherv than a kilt-skirt. Notice how their hair is done duifferently. We are not sure what she has on the top of her head. The studio is I.S. Hammond in Lewiston, Maine.

The Fauntleroy suit consisted of two principal gasrmnts. One was the small Fauntleroy cut-away jacket. This was not specifically designed for the Fauntleroy kilt suit. It was the same jacket work with the classic Fauntleroy knee pants suit. Two was the kilt skirt. Again this was not a specialized garment. It was the same kilt skirt worn with the kilt suit. Thus the Fauntleroy kilt suit was a bybrid outfit, taking the jacket from the Fauntleriy suit and the kilt skirt from the kilt suit. There were two options for the kilt skirt. Some matched the jacksr. Others were sone in other material, often tartan fabrics. We notice some bright tartans and other more muted fabrics. Headwear was optional. There was not headwear especially associated with Fauntleroy kilt suits.


We are not sure just what headwear was worn with these Fauntlerpy kilt suits. Many of the available portraits show the boys without any headwear. We do know that the boys wore broad-brimmed hats, often with streamers. We think that this was probably the most common headwear. And we have photographic evidence conforming that these caps were worn with Fauntleroy kilt suits. Contemporary illustrations certainly suggest this. Our photgraphic evidence is more limited. Thus we are not entirely sure. The broad-brimmed hat certainly was not the only headwear. Here we need more information. we are just not sure what other styles were worn. We suspect that one popular style was the Scottish Gemengary cap.


The jackets for these outfits were generally small jackets without lapels, designed to be worn open so that the elaborate lace trimmed blouse could be seen. The classic jacket was velvet, but many other materials were used. This was especially the case for either summer wear or for inexpenive outfits. Black velvet jackets were especilly common when wirn with a tartan kilt. Jackers worn as kilt suits matching the skirt were less commonlybvelvet. While the lace collar and usually matching cuffs were the most prominent feature of the blouse, there was often elaborate matching trim at the front of the blouse. The velvet jacket for these Fauntleroy kilts was often black or some other dark color. Ths was not always the case. The jackets not made in velvet varied more widely in color. , but not always. A few jackets were made in plaid to match the kilt. Others were of the same plain material. These were different than kilt suits, however, in that kilt suits had jackets that were designed to be worn closed with a much less elaborate blouse. The kilt suit jackets often had lapels. The jackets were normally plain, but some had varying detailing such as piping.


Some of these Faauntleroy suits were worn with vests rather than fancy blouses. Usually a separate lace collar would be worn with a vest rather than an elaborate blouse. Sometimes features of the jacket, such as trim on the sleeves at the wrist would match the vest.


The kilts of these suits varied. They were really skirts, but generally referred to as kilts, presumably being a term more approprite for a boy. Some were Scottish plaid. Unlike kilt suits, which used generally muted plaids, the plaids worn with Fauntleroy kilts could be, but were not necearily, much brighter plaids than worn with kilt suits. Other of these Fauntleroy kilts were clearly designs vaguly similar to plaid. Many were solid colors, almost always matching the jackets. White the plaid kilts were not worn with matching jackets, the solid color suits almost always did match. They also were almost always dark colors. I'm not sure about just what color


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