Little Lord Fauntleroy Suits: Hair Styles

Figure 1.--This is a good example of an American boy about 4-5 years old wearing a classic Fauntleroy suit with ringlet curls. This appears to have been more common in America than in any other country. The photographer was Charles F. Bracy (Wells River and Fairlee, Vermont). It was a double portrait of a boy, from side and back. It was a cabinet card. It is undated, but we would guess was probably taken in the 1890s. (The ruffled collar rather than the lace collar leads us to believe that it was the 1890s rather than the 1880s.

Wearing ringlet curls with Little Lord Fauuntleroy suits with ringlet curls appears to have been most popular in America. Only a minority of American boys wore their Fauntleroy suits with ringlet curls. This was in part because many American boys had their curls cut before they were breached. Whhle a majority of American boys had short hair, We notice numerous portraits of boys wearing Fauntleroy suits with curls. In addition a very large percentage of the American boys with long hair wore ringlet curls. English boysin rnglet curls. The French even call ringlets, "English curls". French boys also commonly wore long hair, but it was less common in France where boys also wore long hair, but less commonly done into ringlets. We know less about other countries such as Italy, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries. We have noted some impages of boys with ringlets from those countries, but our archive of imge and information is in sufficent to determine just how common this was. Our initial assessment is that is was not very common.


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Created: March 18, 2004
Last updated: March 18, 2004