Little Lord Fauntleroy Suits: Individual American Boys

Figure 1.--.

We have archieved numerous images of individual American boys wearing Fauntleroy suits. Most of these boys are unidentified. We are also collecting accounts about American boys wearing Fauntleroy suits. A number of biographies include boyhood accounts. Of course he most famous account is Vivian Burnett, the son of the author of Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Brief Accounts

We have collected some brief accounts from various countrites.

Vivian Burnett

Cedric Erol was of course a litterary character. But in many ways her youngest son Vivian was the inspiration for Little Lord Fauntleroy. The boys was dressed in velvet suits and he did have long shoulder-length hair. In fact he was the model for Reginald Birch who illusrated the first edition of Mrs. Burnett's book. Lionel for his part spent the rest of his life trying to disassociate from his mother's creation.

Unidentified Chicago Boy (late 1880s)

This American boy was photographed in Chicago, Illinois. The portrait is undated, but we would guess the late 1880s. He wears one of the largest lace collars we have noted. You can hardly see his jacket. The boy here looks to us to have pinned on wrist cuffs, but we are not sure if the collar is attached to the blouse or not. Note the wide-brimmed hat he is holding. He also has an elaborate hair do with a top curl and ringlets.

Unidentified Boy (about 1895)

We notice two portraits of a little American boy. Unfortunatly the boy is unidentified. We do not knw when or where it was taken. He looks to be aboi=ut 5 years old. He is photographed with his dog in both portrairs presumably he insisted on this. In one portrait he wears a classic Fauntleroy suit with a ruffled collar and large floppy bow. He has a classic jacke and kneepants. He has a straw boater hat. A companion portrait shows what he would have worn perhaps on a arm day. It looks like a white blouse worn with cdetchable wide collar, again with a floppy bow.


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Created: March 18, 2004
Last updated: 3:42 AM 7/8/2004