American Little Lord Fauntleroy Suit Headwear: Scottish Styles

Figure 1.--This unidentified American boy wears a Balmoral Scottish bonnet and some kind of feather look alike with a Fauntleroy suit. We believe the cabinet portrait was taken in the 1890s. The studio was Abbott in Little Falls, New York.

We see a few boys wearing cottish style caps with Fauntlerpy suits. Queen Victoria popularized Scottish styles in Britain and this fashion spread to America. There are two styles of Scottish headwear, commonly called bonnets, Balmorals and Glengarries. We mostly see the Balmorals being worn with Fauntleroy suits. Glengarries were not unknown. we see them being worn with kilt suits which were popular during the Fauntleroy era. For some reason, however, the Glengarries were not very common with Fauntleroy suits. We do se Balmorals in the photogrphic record. This was not one of the more common choices, but we do see several examples in the photographic record. We think the use of Scottish headwear was just a matte of using the headwear styles popular at the time. There was no definitive association with yhr Fautleroy style.


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Created: 8:47 PM 4/27/2009
Last updated: 8:47 PM 4/27/2009