American Little Lord Fauntleroy Suit Headwear: Tams

fashion color
Figure 1.--One of the difficulties HBC has is that we rely heavily on photography. It is not the only source we use, but it is certainly the primary source. And unfortunately until the 1970s, photography was mostly black and white. Thus limited information on color can be dreived from historical photography. This boy was from Broockton, Massachusetts, probably about 1890. The portrait suggests his suit was black, but other dark colors were possible. Note his large bow, it was clearly a pastel color, but we are not sure just ehat color.

We see some portraits of boys wearing tams with Fauntkeroy suits. The tams varied in color. Commoinly they were chosen to match the color of the suit. We notice varuoys sizes, some quite large. They came with and without tassles. Most seem to have been worn in the 1880s and 90s. Generally they were worn with younger children. This was not one of the most common headwear styles, but we do not several boys wearing tams. I believe it was a headwear style also worn by girls, but the tassle was usually worn just by boys. We note a San Jose boy wearing a small tam with a Fauntleroy suit about 1905.


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