Clothing and Costumes Worn by Unknown Child Actors

Figure 1.--This appears to be a studio publicity photograph rather than a movie still. HBC estimates that it was taken in the mid-1930s. We are not sure, however, just who the two children are. Note the boy's fancy, rather adult-looking, two tone shoes.

HBC has some photographs with child actors that we can not identify. Often it is possible to identify the actor as we know the title of the film. Some times, however, we do not even know the name of the film. Thus we have no idea who the child actor is. In other cases the photographs are studio publicity shots not associated with any particular movie. HBC must confess that are not really expert on movies and actors. Thus there are quite a number of these unidentified actors. It is important, however, to identify them. Otherwise we can not accurately date the photograph to help assess chronological trends. Any help readers can provide in identifying these actors would be apprecaited.

Unknown Actors

HBC will load here the images of child actors that we can not udentify, but who are wearing interesting clothing useful for assessing contemporary fashions trends.

Figure 1

One unknown child actor is pictured in figure 1. We are not sure who he is, but believe that the photograph was taken in the mid-1930s. He wears a rather interesting mixture of adult and childish styles. The boy weaes a rather adult shirt and tie and fancy pair of two-tone shoes. As a boy in the late 1940s I wore two-tone shoes, but in a boyish--not wingtip adult style like this boy. Only his short pants are a juvenile clothing style. A HBC contributor reports that while he does not know thge boys name that, he does remember him playing the imposter boy in Freddy Bartholmew's 1936 version of Little Lord Fauntleroy. In fact, a HBC reader has idenified the child actors in this photo. (This is one of the many useful aspects of the internet, the ability to exchange information. It looks to a studio shot, rather than a scene from a movie. This would mean that these are the clothes that the children normally wore rather than a film costume.

Figure 2

Unknown Films

There are also quite a few films that HBC can not identify. We have both images we cannot identify or reports on the plot of films for which we do not know the titles.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: March 13, 2001
Last updated: July 10, 2001