** boys clothing depictions in movies: alphabetical listings (unknown titles)

Alphabetical Movie Listings: Unknown Titles

These are movies we have noted or our readers have asked about, but don't have the title for them yet. Usually the nationality of the film is obvious. Thus I have organized the references by country to help find the missing title. Any information you might have on these films would be appreciated. Also let us know if you recall seeing a film, but can not remember the title. we will add it to our list.


Unknown title

The children in a village have set a fire and destroyed crops.


Unknown title

Boy raised on a farm.

Unknown title

Two boys have just been spanked. They are both angry with a girl who must have told on them. As they talk you can hear her playing her violin to a small audience. One complains about "Little Miss ???, always so proper. It was none of her business."

Unknown title

A young new lady teacher is confronted with some little terrors in a very rustic rural school. She finally begins to take m,atters in hand. The mother comes to see what all the hollering is about, but decides not to intervene and to let the teacher establish her authority.


There are only a few English films that we have been unable to identify by title.

Unknown English film (1961?)

A British reader remembers seeing a movie revolving around a 7-year old boy named Billy, but doies not recall the title. The film was set in 1961. Billy believes his next door neighbour is an alien. The contemporary costuming in the film seems quite accurate as is often the case with British films made during this era. There are a lot of street scenes giving a good idea of what Ebngland looked like in the 1960s and how people dressed.

Unknown English film (1992-94?)

A HBC reader remembers watching an English film about a 11-year old schoolboy who sees a miracle happen in a small town. This film was made about 1992-94 I think. He had to go to a wedding and missed it. He caught the last 2 minutes when the boy is sent away to a prepschool and he appears unhappy about wearing grey shorts to his new school. He feels he's a big boy now and should not suffer what he sees as the the indignaty of wearing little kids prep-schoolo shorts to junior secondary school.


Unknown title

Some sort of Salvador Dahli fantasy. A line of children is seen in angel wings. A paper is pictured inscribed "Chante de Maldorar."

Zero de Conduite

A reader writes, "I once saw on TV a French film set in a boarding school made late 1930's early 1940's. It was about relationships. I videoed the film at the time but a sports programme overran so the end of the film is missing. The head master was a dwarf with a pointed beared. The only scene I can recall is one involving the boys as they set out on an outing. Two boys have been forbidden to be together. They had been separated in the group. They walked with a different partner but as the group walk along the street they leave their partners to walk together. The boy's wear sort pant suits. It was a sad oppressive film but I never saw the ending and its never been shown again." A British reader tells us, "'Zero de Conduite' I think the film is called. It was later remade in the U.K. The title was 'If'. Also as a comedy film staring a British Actor called Jimmy Edwards entitled 'Wacko'."

Figure 1.--This German film was made in 1958. We do not know the title, but it provides a good look at how German children were dressing during the 1950s. An Austrian reader tells us that this film is "Kleine Leute--Mal Ganz Grosz (translated I think "Little People: Once Very Big" (1958). The little boy (Norbert) was played by Michael Stein, I saw him never in an other film. The older boy (Theo) was played by Roland Kaiser, a famous boy-actor in the later 1950s. Mostly he played a smart-mouth boy with a good heart, as he did in this film. It is a humerous film.


Unknown title

A reader has mentioned a German film to us. He does not know what the title was, but he knows that that it was made in 1958. We are not sure what the plot was, but many children were involved showing what German boys were wearing in the 1950s. A famous Berlin boy choir features in the film.

Unknown title

A HBC reader provides us a frame from an East German (DDR) movie. The image is from "The GDR"--a monthly magazine issued in USSR. The movie itself was shot about 1975, the plot is on late 1920s before the NAZI take over. The clothig looks to HBC more like the early 1930s. It shows a classroom scene, but I am unsure to what extent the film isabout school. Some of the boys in the class wear sailor suits.

Unknown titles

PBS carried several German movies dealing with the Holocaust. Many of them dealt with boys or had boy characters. Unfortunately I didn't note the titles. The ones I remember:
Unknown titles: Dealt with life in a tenement and how the anti NAZI families suffer and finally they and their children have to yield to the NAZIs.
Unknown titles: Film about one family in Rowstock. The family has two sons one who is critical of the NAZIs. Both wind up fighting in the War.
Unknown titles: Color movie in which a German policeman comes home to find that his new stepson was staying out late. The boy is about 10 and dressed in shorts. The boy objects to his new father's authority.
Unknown titles: School boys wear short pants and long stockings. Two boys in class are punished for fighting, I think there names are Gruber and Magnus. One boy is praised for not allowing himself to be bullied, but is still punished for violated school rules. When the boy returns to his seat which I think he shares with the boy he was fighting, one tries to make up, but the other is still angry.

Figure 2.--We know this is an Italian movie, but we do not know what the title was. Hopefully one of our readers will be able to identify it. It seems set at the turn of the century.


We have noted a few Itlaian films tht we have been unable to identify.

Unknown film

A HBC reader reports, "Here are some stills from an Italian film (figure 3). Sorry I cant provide any information about the title. The film appeared the other morning on an Italian satellite channel and seemed to be a short as there soon followed another film also black and white set in another era. I tried looking at teletext but could not find the page with the film info in fact couldnt fathom anything about their channel."

Unknown title

Color movie in Italian (I think, perhaps Padre Padrone) (1977) about a father and son. I think that the boy's name is Gavino. The film is a rather sad story about an bright, but illiterate Sardinian boy. Although he is brutalized by his peasant father, still grows up to master Greek and Latin and graduate college. Soome reviewers were very disappointed in the film. One reviwer writes, "Even sadder than the film, it is uninvolving and curiously forgettable." It is based on an autobiographical book by Gavino Ledda.


Unknown title

Unfortunately I didn't catch the title. It is about a Japanese family with two teenagers. The younger boy is having trouble at school, both academically and with bullies. He is probably about 15. His father hires a new tutor who brings the boy around. Nothing of great interest. Actually I found it a bit hard to follow. The tutor at first seemed overly interesting in his new student. He slaps him around a bit to get him to study. In one scene the boy comes home after being bullied. The tutor comes home and finds him in bed. He offers to show him how to fight. In the film, he wears long pants except for gym at school. After a gym class the other boys shove him into the girls locker room while they are dressing. The school depicted was not the orderly Japanese school that I would have imagined. I have read though, that peer pressure is used in Japan to force children to conform and that bullying is a special problem for children that are different in some way. A HBC reader tlls us, "This Japanese movie sounds like Kazoku g�mu, which was released in 1983.


Unknown title

Color picture in Spanish which I think deals with a test of wills between a boy named Pepe about 11 and his new step-father. The boy is a very talented little actor, especially his expressions are marvelous. He wears shorts, although I think some children appear in school smocks.

Unknown title

This Spanish movie was in color and featured a boy about 12-13 years old with longish blond hair. I thought at first he was a girl, but as he never wears dresses, I think he must be a boy. He appears on the beach with a sissy looking outfit and sandals. Later he plays with a friend dressed in long shorts and white knee socks. More often, though he appears in longs. His parents who are separating call him Bami. He has a collie dog called Philipe. Most of his friends pictured in the movie wear longs, but at least one also wears short pants. (I didn't see the beginning.) He is rather accident prone, first locking himself in a trunk with a friend and later falling off a cliff. That accident brigs his parents together. The TV guide reported the time slot as "El Caballo Que Canta," but I think this must have been a mistake. The movie sounded dubbed, at least I don't think it was the boy's own voice. Strangely a lot of the credits were for Italians and they were in English. Perhaps it was an Italian film dubbed into Spanish. Some of the interiors were shot in Italy. The buildings and scenery, however, looked Spanish to me.


Unknown title (1950s)

To protest being treated as little, immature children, a class of boys and girls in their mid-teens find a novel way of demonstrating that they are mature.

Figure 3.--This Turkish film shows schoolboys wearing smocks with Peter Pan collars. Also notice the plain yoke of the smock and extensive smocking with a gathered waist and pocket.


Turkish Smocks: Film 1

I know nothing about this black and white film except that it is a Turkish film, perhaps made about the 1970s or 80s. Turkish boys are pictured in school smocks.

Turkish Smocks: Film 2

I know nothing about this color film except that it is a Turkish film, probably made in the 1970s or 80s. Turkish boys are pictured in school smocks. The smocks are quite similar, but closeups reveal some differences in the smocks.

United States

Our largest number of unidentified images are American. We have found quite a number of still that we ca nnot identify. This is not because we do not know much about American movies, although we clearly have a lot to learm. It is because that Hollywood hs been the heart of the world movie industry from an early point. There are just so many american films and HNC being an American website, we have the greatest access to American films. As a result we have found more American film images that we can not identify than from any other country, even other countries with large film industries. Most are early films, especially silent films of the 1910s and 20s. This is undertanable because large numbers of silent films have been completely lost. In some cases we only have a few stills. In other cases not even that. We are gradually identifying some of these films. Thanks to our HBC readers, we have made considerable progress in finding the titles for several unidentified American films, a least talkies from the 1930s. Silent filns contrinue to be more of a problem. This is unfortunate because there is a lot of fashion information to be gleaned from these films. .


Unknown title

Movie about a 13 year old sent to his grandmother in the Urals when the Germans invade. As his father departs for the font he is pictured with his violin in a nice sailor suit. He gets off the train, however, and head back to the war. For the rest of the movie he is in longs. The move is rather melodramatic.


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