Clothing and Costumes Worn by Child Actors: Thomas Sangster - (U.S., 1990- )

Figure 1.--English child actor, Thomas Sangster, is the only child actor we know of to have play Adolf Hitler. His role in 'Hitler - the Rise of Evil' stressed his problems with his father and his devotion to his mother. Of course his other foles were not as intense as ghis one. He was quite a charming little boy in 'Nanny McPhee'.

We note Thomas Brodie Sangster in an English child actor. He played in a number of interesting film. Two of his best kniown films are 'Love Actually' and 'Nanny McPhee'. He played Hitler as a boy in the made for TV drama 'Hitler - The Rise of Evil' (2003). as far as we know, he was the first boy I know of to play Hitler as a boy. It was a small part, but made an impression. It is a montage to show Hitler had a difficult relationship with his father, but an affectionate one with his mother. Dad got upset when his boy kept burning his bee hives. Thomas looks quite sinister in the role as an angry child (figure 1). Thomas played a gifted 11-year old chess player in 'Entrusted'. The young boy has a phenominal memory and he can remember the bank account numbers of lots of Swiss bank accounts. These belong to Jews fleeoing the Nazis. His parents operate an escape route from Germany to Switzerland. The NAZIs begin chasing the boy because they want the accounts for themselves. The story takes place in Switzerland. Swiss Bank of course refused to turn over many of these accounts to the relatives og Holocaust survivors after the War. Another film is 'The Last Legion' (2006). Its a story about the boy emperor Romulus Augustus. This role is played by Thomas Sangster. It is a difficult role for a child actor to play. In writing a mini biography about him for my lessons on this film I discovered that he has portraid the childhood of a host of historical characters. Thomas played Herman Rosenblat an actual Holocaust survivor. The film is 'The Fence'/'Love is a Survivor' (2006). He next played Paul McCartney in the Beatles film, 'Nowhere Boy' (2009). It was a film about the teenage years of John Lennon. A fan writes, "Thomas was a very versitle young actor. Some of his roles were tough roles for a child acter. I think he'll transfer quite easily to an adult acter and other aspects of film and entertaiment."


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Created: 6:49 AM 11/29/2011
Last updated: 9:26 AM 11/30/2011