Derek Scott - (US, 1939-2003)

Figure 1.--This fascinating photograph shows boy acor Derek Scott with none other thn a young Elizabeth Taylor on set of 'Life with Father'. Elizabeth is inncostume, Derek is wearing his rgular clothes, aloud patterned shorts set. It was taken October 25, 1946. Most Ameican boys by October were wearing long pants, but the weather in southern Californiaas obviouly was still warm. Elizabeth seems to be having fun with Derek, the youngest of the four boys in the film. His casual outfit is in contrast to the formal outfits he wore as Harlan.

Derek Scott was born in Los Angeles, California (1939). He was a child actor that as far as we know was only involved in one production -- 'Life with Father' (1947). While it was only one film, it was a wondrful movie and he gave an excellnt performance, playing the youngest son -- Harlan. Harlan wears some classic period styles including kilt suits, tams, and Fauntleroy blouses. He had a relatively small role, in a film dominated by William Powell and Irenne Dunn, but he played his role charmingly. We have been unable to find any additional information. We are not sure why Derek dis no continue his acting creer. He wa very good in the film. Perhps he dud not enjouy it. But we hce been unavle to find ny additiinal backgrojund information. Some of the others in the film had more substantial careers, incliding a useful Elizabeth Taylor. Derek died in Los Angeles (2003).


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