Clothing and Costumes Worn by Child Actors: Martin Spellman - (U.S., 19??- )

Figure 1.--This is a studio publicity shot for Martin Spellman.

We do not have a great del of information on Marty. We do know he was briefly active in Holywood as a boy actor. Marty made more than 10 films during 1938-41. We do not yet have a complete list of hose films. Marty met several actors including some big stars while working as a newsboy at MGM. One of the actors he met was none other than Clark Cable--the bigest star in Holywood at the time. Clark apparently liked Marty and as a Christmas present, Gable arranged for Marty to work for a few days as an extra in his film "Test Pilot". Shortly afterward, Myrna Loy was photographed buying a paper from Marty. At the time, MGM was casting forv "Boys' Town" and a MGM studio executive saw the photograph and hought Marty would be a nice addition to the cast. Thus Marty's carrer was started. The principal actor in "Boys' Town" was Mickey Rooney.


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Created: 2:00 AM 7/23/2004
Last updated: 2:00 AM 7/23/2004