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Theatricals: Country Trends

Figure 1.--Theatricals included theater, opera, and ballet were all dominated bu Europe until the turn of the 20th century. The French Luminare Brothers were the first movies makes, but the industry was very quickly dominated by the United States, led by Edison in New Jiersey. The industry moved to Hollywood because of the weather (1910s). At first, small countrues could compete becuse the movies were silent and subtittles could be easily done in any kanguage. Once the talkies appeared, major film industries were limkited to major countries orv regions with a common kanguage like Latin America. A major source of film were plays and novels. Balet and opera were less transferable to film. Televiion only expanded these trends. This is a secene from the Broadway production of 'Mame', the musdical based on the novel 'Auntie Mame' by Patrick Dennis, one of the best selling novels of the 20th century.

HBC is constantly evolving. Concerning theatricals we first began working with movies beause there is such a walth of imagery avilable, but gradually realised there ere other firrms of theatricals, such a plays (drama) and radio, and television, as well as opera and ballet. It then dawned on us that there is a long, varied history of theatricals. The longest is theatrical plays that date back to the ancient world, especilly Greece. Amd children especially boys were involved. And then we realised that there were all hinds of street theatricls during the middle ages such as the balladeer. We suspect thaht this was also the case in the ancint world. Italian commedia dell'arte was a more organized form of these these performances and an earlh modern form of professional theater (16th century). Much of it was conducted in the street. It has come down to pur modern age as Punch and Judy shows. Commedia dell'arte and Punch and Judy Shows are important because until the 20century with modern medi (movies, radio, and television), children did mot attend theatrical performamnces. These formats were ones that children could enjoy. We have not yet created many country theatrical pages to include all these different formats, although we have given a great deal of attention to movies. We have many country movie pages. There are also pages on the other theatrical formats. We are now beginning to pull all of this tgether and create theatrical pages. This is a project we hope to work on as HBC expands. Currently the only country theatrical pages we have are Argentina, Italy, and the United States.


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