German Movies and Television: Heimat Films--Individual Productions

Figure 1.--Thgis image comes from a 1980s television series, "Heimat 1". It covered a time range from the 1920s through the 80s.

Heimat films were made in both Germany and Austria. Most of the films we are familiar with were made in West Germany after World war II. We have archieved several individual Heimat films on HBC. We are crossrefferencing them here, although there are some posted before we created this page. We will cross reference them as we come across the ones already archived in HBC's film pages. Hopefully our German readers will tell us about their favorite Heimat films. Many did not have interntional releases and are unknown outside Germany.

Frühlingslied (Germany, 1954)

I don't know the plot of this Heimat film. A German reader, hoiwever, tells us that it was a real tearjeaker. We do know that it starred Oliver Grimm. Oliver was one of the most popular child German stars of the 1950s and appeared in several Heimat films.

Heimat 1-3 (1980s-90s)

A French reader has mentioned a television series called simply "Heimat" directed by Edgar Reitz. It is laid out as a trilogy. "Heimat 1" was first written in the mid-1980s. "Heimat 2" was released in the 80s end. Finally "Heimat 3" was completed in the 90s. "Heimat 1" seems the most representative in terms of scenery and life style. The story is set in a rural region named Hunsruck, between the Mosel and Rhein rivers (southwestern Germany). The time line extended from the 1920s up to the 1980s. Our French reader has selected some images from Heimat 1, part 9, (title: " Hermännchen ", from the name of the 3rd family child, who is 14-15 years old in (1955-1956).

(Der) Schandfleck (1956)

There are a few well-made Heimat films, exceptions to the generally low-budget productions. "Der Schandfleck", previously filmed 1917 and 1956 (TV movie, 1999) (free translation: the blemish - stands for an illegitimate child, about a girl who was born as a result of her mother's adultery and had a hard time with her "father" who raised but ignored her.

(Die) Schwabenkinder (2003)

"Die Schwabenkinder" (TV movie, 2003) (translation: Swabian Children) is about children (6-14 years old) of the poor who lived in Austria (Tyrol, Voralrlberg) and Switzerland and were sold by their parents to walk over the pass to Swabia (Germany) to be robot hard like slaves for rich farmers. This lasted from the 17th Century until 1950.

Wo die alten Wälder rauschen (Germany 1956)

A HBC reader has mentioned "Wo die alten Wälder rauschen" to us. I'm not sure about the translation, something like "Where th old wood rush". This is a German "Heimatfim". In this particular film, a building contractor who is in charge of others, doesn't have time to look after his small son, instead he works long hours at his site. He flirts with the nanny of the child, but she loves another engineer, who is blamed for an accident at work for which he was not responsible. Finally the boy runs away (possibly with a friend he has made) and has to be saved by the mountain guard. The two boys in the film wear jackets and short and knicker-length lederhosen with ankle socks. The weather appears a bit chilly. One boy wears a red checkered shirt. The younger boy wears gloves.


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