Movies Depicting Fauntleroy Suits: Mike and Angelo (1989- )

Figure 1.--This boy appeared in a 1997 ITV production. Notice that the suit is blue. I'm unsure how common such colored suits were as opposed to the basic black suit. British productions, however, often give considerable attention to such details, although this particular show was a spoof. Click on the image for a picture of the actor, Michael Benz, in his 1990s clothes.

A British TV seies on ITV had a kid series named Mike and Angelo about an American boy living in Britain. It was a commedy series, taking a light hearted view of an American in England.


The series was created by Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro. The Executive Producer was Alan Horrox.


Mike and Angelo was a kind of scifi sitcom. Mike is the son of American Rita King. Living in England, he befriends Angelo who is a man from another dimension. Mike discovers Angelo living in his wardrobe. This popular program is on of the longest running children's dramas on British television. The series features a variety of special effects popular with kids in each episode. The first Mike and his mom, who departed the show after season six, lived in Larkwood Lane. Most seasons of the show average around 10 episodes.


Mike has so far been played by three different actors. Mike Benz, who was the second American boy, had some previous experience, having actually appeared in well costumed, BBC production of Little Lord Fauntleroy. He played the role as a younger boy, about 2 years before Mike and Angelo.

Matt Wright played the first Mike, Steven Geller was the third Mike. Tyler Butterworth played the first Angelo and Tim Whitnall the seciond Angelo. Katy Murphy plays Katy and Shelley Thompson plays Rita King. Mike is played in the most recent series by Steven Geller.

Figure 2.--Michael's costume included a very elaborate lace collar and large silk bow.

Fauntleroy Parody

In one episode Mike thinks he has inherited a Lordship and, playing a clueless American to the hilt, he began dressing in an elaborate Little Lord Fauntleroy suit as appropriate for his new status. Angelo humours him by dressing up as his butler.It was played for laughs.


British TV programs are well known for accurate period costuming. The ITV and BBC well known for giving more attention to costuming than is generally the case in American productions. Mike's suit appears to be a fancy, but quite plausable Fauntleroy suit. Such suits were generally worn by younger boys, but boys as old as Angelo did wear such suits. It includes a particularly large lace collar and floppy bow. The suit is a royal blue rather than black as most people assumed was the most common collar. Particularly notable was Mike's floppy cap, made out of the same material as the suit.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: April 13, 1999
Last updated: December 19, 2001