Movies Depicting Fauntleroy Suits: Michael Benz, 1995

Figure 1.--This is the 1995 BBC version of "Little Lord Fauntleroy." Michael Benz wears a very accurate Fauntleroy suit and hair style, but he only wore it for one scene.


The BBC in 1995 produced another version of Little Lord Fauntleroy. This film was condensed from the BBC television miniseries.


Ironically the same young American actor, Michael Benz, that played in the Mike and Angelo Fauntleroy spoof, played Cedric in the newest BBC dramatisation. He appears to have been about 10 or 11 years old in the film. The production is easily recognizable because the dog is spotted. George Baker played the Earl.

British Productions

The BBC often gives considerable attention to acurate period costuming. This seems to have been the case in this production. The plushy blue velvet Fauntleroy suit was quite an elaborate one with a delicate lace collar with several points rather than a rounded design. It was worn with matching lace trim on the wrist cuffs. The suit has knicker-like kneepants worn with long dark stockings. However, he only wore his plush blue velvet suit for only one scene, a party at the castle.

Hair Style

Considerable attention appears to have also been given to Michael's hair. His hair was styled more like a boy might actually have worn his hair than any other major version of Mrs. Burnett's classic. It was not curled as was common in America, but is shoulder length as was more common in England.

Figure 2.--Another shot of the blue Fauntleroy suit worn in this version of "Little Lord Fauntleroy".


Like most versions of Little Lord Fauntleroy, the producers tried to play down the hero's sissy image. For most of the film, Cedric wore more manly tweeds. There are scenes, however, in which he does wear a velvet Fauntleroy suit with lace trim. The suit is not the classic suit with a small jacket, but rather a button up jacket with lace trim sewn on.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: April 17, 1999
Last updated: November 26, 2001