Scotty Beckett: Film and TV Appearances

Figure 1.--This is a studio publicity still for Kings Row. The boys are Scotty Beckett and Douglas Wheat. They played two of the main characters as boys in small town America.

By the time Scotty Beckett was 14 years old, he could still do child parts as he looked so young, and had worked in about 75 different feature films and shorts. I have not seen many of these films. Quite a number are not regularly shown on television, one reason why Scotty is not as well known as many other child stars of the 1930s. Many of his appearances are in fact not credited. Scotty was well known in the 1930s andc40s, but he was never the block bister star. I don't know of any child star, however, that played in more films than Scotty. He was one of the hardest working child stars in Hillywood. Unlike some of the bigger child stars he or better put his parents were willing to accept small roles and thus the studio hadca competent child star ready when ever a child was needed in a film. Scotty's first film credit was in 1933 and he was active all through his childhood. Unfortunately many of these films I know nothing about.


I Am Suzanne

Gallant Lady

This sentimental film deals with a mother who loses her son out of wedlock but then sets about to get him back. Seems a bit sentimatal to us now, but a lot of films at the time were even more so. Both Dickie Moore and Scotty Beckett appear in the film.


Scotty appeared in an anmazing 14 different films during 1934.


George White's Scandals

For Pete's Sake!

Barbara Streissand remade this film in 1974.

Stand Up and Cheer

Shierly Temple stars in this film. This far fetched Depression film has the President creating a cabinent post for the Secretary of Amusement. He hopes that laughter will shale America out of its leathergy. One reviewer desceibes it as dated, but of course that is part of the charm in these old films. Scotty is the boy auditioning for Miss Adams.

(The) First Round-Up

Honky Donkey

Whom the Gods Destroy

Scotty plays Jack Forrester.

Mike Fright

This film as also called "The Little Broadcast". He appeaed with Billy Lee.

Washee Ironee

Mama's Little Pirate

Shrimps for a Day

Babes in Toyland

This film of course is based on the Victor Herberet opertta of the same name. One reviewer describes itvas "strictly for the kiddies. Laurel and Hardy fansare gdenerally cdisappointed. Scotty plays an uncredited schoolboy. The film had several different titles: "Laurel and Hardy in Toyland," "March of the Wooden Soldiers," "Revenge Is Sweet," and "Wooden Soldiers".

Sailor Made Widow

Romance In The Rain


Anniversary Trouble

Beginner's Luck

Teacher's Beau

Sprucin' Up

Also called "Good Night Ladies".


Dante's Inferno

This was a Spencer Tracey vehicle. Not one in which you would expect Scotty Beckett to appear.

Little Papa

I Dream Too Much

Film starring Lily Pond and a young Henry Fonda. A romantic comedy in which two music students are hapily married until the wife achieves success as a singer. Scotty is the boy on merry-go-round.

Our Gang Follies of 1936


(The) Lucky Corner

Anthony Adverse

"Anthony Adverse" was a huge producrion. Up to the time, it was one of the most expensive films ever made and proved to be a huge success. In a departure from Scotty's normal roles, he plays Anthony's son rather than Anthony as a boy. Anthony Adverse" was a huge production spanning continents. It was an emensely costly production based on Hervey Allen interminable, but best-selling novel. (It was one of the longest novels ever to become a film.) The plot pursues the saga of Anthony Adverse accros the globe. Anthony was the illegitimate heir to the fortune of his cruel stepfather--Don Luis. It is of interest becaise it was one of the most expensive costume drama made up to that rime. In the early part of the movie has Anthony as a boy (Billy Mauch) is turned over to the church. He is raised in a convent where he wears only a cassock, rather a contarst to the elaborate period costumes used throughout the film. I would guess he was about 12 years old. He has a few brief scenes at the beginning of a rather dreadful movie. When he gets older he is taken from the convent to be apprenticed. Some of the village boys set upon him and tear off his cassock and he runs into his new home without any clothes on. Allen throws everying thing but the kitchen sink (perhaps thankfully because it was not yet invented) in his film. Even Napoleon is involved. The original book was so long that it became hard to follow. The basic problem of the film was to condense it, but still have a coherent story. It was not only a popular film, but wom some awards, inmcluding some Oscars. The competent cinematography and wonderful score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold have prevented the film from being totally forgotten.

(The) Charge of the Light Brigade

This film based in a Crimean War battle imortlized by Tenneyson had quite a cast, including Errolo Flyn, Olivia de Haviland, and a young David Niven. I'm not sure what role Scotty Beckett plays.

(The) Case Against Mrs. Ames

Scotty plays Bobbie Ames.

Old Hutch

Scotty plays Roy.

Little Boy Blue

This was an animated film made that year with that title. I believe that Scotty did one of the voice parts.


It Happened in Hollywood


This MGM costume drama withbGretta Garbo and Charles Boyer, recounts the affair between Naoleon and a Polish countess, Marie Walewska. Scotty of course plays a small uncredited role as Alexandre Walewska. The film also appears as "Marie Walewska".

(The) Bad Man of Brimstone

Wells Fargo

A good 1930s western, altough a bit heavy with plot. Scotty plays another uncredited role as a young Nick Pryor .

Life Begins with Love

A Doctor's Diary

King Without A Crown

When You Are In Love

Our Gang Follies Of 1938


(The) Devil's Party

Scotty plays Mike O'Mara as a boy..

Marie Antoinette

Opulent costume drama about the illfated Austrian Princess who became Queen of France. Scotty of course plays the French crown prince, the Dauphin

Listen, Darling

Amusing little film about two younsters trying to marry off a widow so they can have a mother and father. Scotty Beckett plays Billie Wingate. The 9-year old Scotty wore an American Indian style suit for much of the film. The character he played must have liked stories of the frontier. Toward the end of the film, though, as his mom is on her way to remarry, Scotty appears in a grayish short pants suit. Also featured is Judy Garland and Freddy Bartholomew.

Four's a Crowd

Not very humerous film about a wealthy heress and her boy frriends. I'm not sure what role Scotty Beckett plays. It was also called "All Rights Reserved".

No Time To Marry


Cousin Wilbur

Scotty returned to the "Our Gang" comedies for this 1939 film. He plays Cousin Wilbur, Alfalfa's nerdy cousin in both "Cousin Wilbur" and its sequel-of-sorts, "Dog Daze". Scotty was almost unrecognizable as Alfalfa's cousin Wilbur. He wore round-framed eyeglasses, and a dark short pants suit and dark knee socks, and a short-brimmed dark cap in both roles. He is introduced to us in "Wilbur" as Alfalfa's visiting cousin. Alfalfa is a bit embarassed by his urbane cousin, but his mom instructs him to be nice and introduce him to his friends. To make matters worse for Alfie, Wilbur, smiling brightly, locks elbows with him and the two cousins walk out together. Alfalfa looks ready to die from his humiliation. The gang has been terrorized by bully "Butch" (Tommy Bond) and his lackeys. Wilbur's answer to this trouble is to devise an insurance policy for all the gang's members. When all are beaten up by Butch and his followers, the insurance scheme faces quick bankruptcy. Wilbur, however, saves the day by beating up every one of the bad guys and forcing them to pay up.

Dog Daze

Another "Our Gang" Cousin Wilbur role. Wilbur, still dressed in his short pants suit and glasses, saves the gang's dogs from the dogcatcher (a perennial villain in the "Our Gang" series).

Love Affair

'Love Affair' is one of the best romantic comedies made during the 1930s. It has an important placev in film history and a few children appear in some of the scenes. These films shot with contemprary clothing are helpful in fashion history. A romantic Frenchman, Michel Marnet (Charles Boyer). and an American woman, Terry McKay (Irene Dunne), have a shipboard romance. A shipboard rommance show how out of touch America was in 1939. Hiotler launched World War II by invading Poland (September 1939). Admiral Dönitz had his U-boats in place and within days they sank the liner Athenia. We doubt if very many shipboard romances followed. The two lovers are disuaded from an immediate marriage. They decide to separate for 6 months to give Michel a chance to earn a decent living. They arrange to meet in New York at the Empire State Building. An accident leads to a tragic misunderstanding. It proved to be Dunne's favorite film. It was a huge hit in a year with so many great films. She was again nominated for an Academy Award, but the competition was too much in 1939. The film was was written, directed, and produced by Leo McCarey in his first major drama. Scott Beckett had an aboard ship scene seen here (figure 1). Terry meets a boy onboard played by Scotty Beckett. Scotty who was about 10-years old at the time wears a short pants Eton suit. Notice that he has a tie, but it is wirn under his jacket. Scotty does not wear knee socks. They were still commin Europe, but declining in popularity for american boys at the time. Children also come into the film near the end and Dunne organizes a choir. We note one black child among the children. Some directors were beginning to make modest efforts to present blacks as part of the American landcape. McCarey remade Love Affair in what has become known as a Hollywood classic--'An Affair to Remember' with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr plaing the star-crossed lovers. A later semi-remake was the film that featured in 'Sleepless in Seattle', a charming movie about an 8-year old who uses a radio talk show to find a new wife of his widower father.

(The) Royal Rodeo

Scotty plays the young king.

Our Neighbors--The Carters

Scotty plays Dickie Carter.

Mickey the Kid

Scotty plays Bobby. The film has also been shown as "Mickey".

Blind Alley

Scotty plays Davy Shelby

(The) Flying Irishman

Amusing story of "Wrong Way" Corrigan, who made an epic flight, but the wrong way. Scotty plays Henry as a boy

(The) Escape

An American tries to get his mother out of a NAZI concerntration camp. Scotty plays Willie Rogers.

Days of Jesse James

Scotty plays Buster Samuels


(The) Blue Bird

Scotty plays one of the boys in blue tunics in heaven. The girls wore pink tunics. This was one of the more imaginative costumes Scotty wore. This was a Shirley Temple vehicle. She did this rather than the "Wizard of Oz" that made Julie Garland famous. This was a major 1940 film employing the new color format. It is one of Shirley's few color films as a child. Despite MGM's major effort, it is virtually forgotten today. Few will list it as one of her major films. It is a dreamy film set in Germany and then a fantasy setting rather like heaven. The costuming is forst Germam. Shirley's briother wears lederhosen. In the dream sequence, the children wear blue and pink tunics.

My Favorite Wife

A wity early Carry Grant film. An unsuspecting widower marries ahain, but his first wife shows up for the honnetmoon. Scotty plays Tim Arden.

Gold Rush Maisie

Scotty plays Harold Davis

My Son, My Son

A wateral vindicates his father'd faith by dieing a hero. Scotty plays Oliver as a boy.

Street of Memories

Scotty plays Tommy

Flag Of Humanity

Cinderella's Feller


For some reason Scotty's hectic career cooled down in 1941.

Father's Son

Scotty played an uncredited role as Danny.

Aloma of the South Seas

Scotty played Tanoa as a boy.


It Happened in Flatbush

Scotty played Squint.

(The) Vanishing Virginian

Sugary film set around woman's sufferage. Prohibition and women sufregettes appear to be stirring up trouble in Ole Virginia. The film is set in Lynchburg, Virginia during 1913. The film is about the family of a prosecuting attorney and unconventional family. This enjoyable, sentimental movie is based on Rebecca Yancy Williams' memoir of her family in a Lynchburg. Colonel Bob has a long destinguished career of public service. Frank Morgan plays Colonel Robert Yancy, and Spring Byington as his spirited wife--Rosa (Spring Byington). Interesting counterpoint to "Kings Row" made about the same time, but with a different take on small-town America. The town is scandalized by a speech he gives against Prohibition. The family servant Josh (Leigh Whipper) asks Yancey to help Aunt Mandy and Jefferson Brown. Rosa convinces her husband not to run for procecutor again. Then here is Jack Holden (Mark Daniels). He is leaving and asks his sweetheart Margaret Yancey (Natalie Thompson) to wait for him. Yancey after gathering some facts tells Aunt Mandy that he has no choice but to prosecute Jefferson but says he'll help get him a competent lawyer. Yancey despite the popular opinion is convinced that Prohibition is unenforceable. He tells James Rogard this. Yancey and James find Rebecca Yancey (Kathryn Grayson) fighting with her little brother Joel (Scotty Beckett). Robert Yancey Jr. (Dickie Jones) got a bloody nose out of the fight. Joel gets into more trouble. He tries smoking, gets sick, and ends up starts a fire.

Kings Row

Five children are depicted growing up in what looks to be the perfect American small town at the turn of the 20th century. Two boys, Parris and Drake, are the very best of friends. Paris decides he wants to be a doctor. His childhood sweetheart Cassie's father is a doctor. Drake plans on using his inheritance to become a businessman. Unlike Parris he has numerous fligs with a sucession of girls. Then the town secrets began to leak which place all kinds of complications in the boys' lives. It was made from the popular novel about a small town doctor who chronicles the pettiness and squalor. Set at the turn of the century. Scotty played Parris as a boy in this penetrating look at small town America. Based on a popular novel. Scotty Beckett plays Paris as a boy Boy in this Ronald Reagan film. This was a typical role for Scotty who commonly played the main character as a child. Unlike other major child stars of the 1930s and 40s, he rarely played the main character in a film, except briefly as a child. He wears knee pants with long over the knee stockings. This may be the best film in which he appeared. He plays the film's lead character as a child.

Between Us Girls

Scotty played Leopold.


The Youngest Profession

Scotty played Junior Lyons.

Heaven Can Wait

Scotty played Henry as a young boy and wore a classic sailor suit with a flat-top sailor cap in this amusing film about a man who likes the ladies a bit too much. The movie follows him from boyhood to old age. As a boy he wears a stylish sailor suit, complete with flat-style sailor hat and streamer.

Good Luck, Mr. Yates

Jimmy Dixon

The Boy from Stalingrad

Scotty did his part in World War II with this film in Stalingrad during the height of the NAZI onslaught against Russia.


Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

This version of the famous story was not well received by reviwers. Scotty of course plays Ali as a child.

(The) Climax

Scotty plays the young king .


Scotty only did two films in 1945.

Circumstantial Evidence

Scotty plays Freddy Hanlon

Junior Miss

A divering teenage commedy show how teens behaved in the 1940s. Scotty plays Haskell. Scotty appears a bit late in the film, and I think he was the date for the girl who played the title role.


My Reputation

A soap opera-like fim. A widow dates an army officer and rumors befin flying. Scotty plays Kim Drummond who is very upset.

(The) Jolson Story: Stage biography of the famed entertainer. Scotty of couse plays the young Al Jolson.

White Tie and Tails

Comedy in whicha butler takes charge of the mansion when his employers go on vacation. Scotty plays Bill Latimer.

Her Adventurous Night

Scotty plays Junior



A rather sugary tale about a sick girl who resolves everyone's problems. Scotty for the first time appears in only one film in a year. He plays Will Parker. The film is also called "The Rich, Full Life" with and without the coma.


(A) Date with Judy

A juvenile commedy with Elizabeth Taylor and music. Scotty played Ogden "Oogie" Pringle. I don't remember the film so well. Scotty, I think, played one of Judy's school friends.

Michael O'Halloran

Scotty played Michael O'Halloran

Dangerous Years

A juvenile delinquent learns that he is the DA's son. Scotty plays Willy Miller



A respected depictation of the Battle of the Buldge, but not very reviting. Scotty played Pvt. William J. Hooper. This was his first fully adult role.


Scotty played a variety of young adult roles in folms and telvision. The most memorable were a series of Space Ranger films in which he played Winky. Comic strip fans will remember Scotty as Corky in two "Gasoline Alley" films.


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