TV Programs: Bootleg (Australia/England, 2002)

Figure 1.--These are the two main characters in 'Bootleg' who use their computer skiils to find out about chocoalate. Soundc rather like the Chinese internet.

A reader tells us about 'Bootleg', a BBC Australian/English joint production with an interesting premice. It was a serial made for children's TV as a three-part mini series in 2002. I think it was shot in Australia. The BBC mini serial was based on a novel of the same name by Alex Shearer (1949- ). It was about banning chocolate, I'm not sure just why. Kind of an early appearance of the modern food police. It was set in the future and England was a totalitarian state. Chocolate was an excellent device to get children's attention and illustrating what totalitarian state could mean. The Head Mistress of a secondary school was a staunch supporter of the ban. Meanwhile impotrant officials of the state were secretly eating chocolate. The Japanese made a 13- part cartoon series based on the book/TV program called 'Chocolate Underground' (2009).


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Created: 9:21 PM 9/18/2011
Last updated: 9:21 PM 9/18/2011