Boys' Uniformed Group: Activities--Fund Raising

Figure 1.--The Scouts in England and most other countries do not solicit donations. They do have various job programs such as the English "Bob a Job" campaign in which this Cub is involved. The Hitler Youth on the otherhand was for ever deploying children on the street with collection cans to sollicit donations.

Many youth groups have to sponsor fund raising activities. This is especially true of groups like the scouts that are private groups and operate independently of government funds. The Scouts were an esentially middle-class organization with the parents the bills. Often the boys engaged in fund raising activities, like the English "Bob a Job" campaign. A Dutch reader tells us, "In about the same period, Dutch scouts did small jobs ("karweitje") for 25 cents (one heitje, from Hebrew, is five 'stuivers' - one stuiver = five cents). "Een heitje voor een karweitje" is still a set expression and like in English rhyme and rhythm make the expression linger long after the the actual practice has disappeared. (Should be fun to trace similar expressions in other countries.)" Other organizations, especially the mass organizations like the Young Pioneers were entirely financed by Government programs. Another mass-organization like the Hitler Youth were well known for sending the boys and girls out to solicit donations on the street with collection campaigns. One of the strong beliefs of Baden Powell was that the Scouts should never be used to solicit donations for either the Scouting program or charities.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: March 30, 2002
Last updated: March 31, 2002