Unknown Youth Organization Images

Figure 1.--HBU believes this is a British boy photographed about 1915-20, but is unsure if he is a Cub or Scout.

HBU has received images of some some youth organizations that we can not identify to be able to place in the site. In some cases we are not sure about the country, date, type of organzation, or other factors. It is often possible to identify Scout groups, but often not the country. As HBU has readers from all over the world. We are hopeing that readers will be able to identify some of thdse imagds. The task here is magnified by the fact that many counties had multiple Scout associations, often with very different uniforms. HBU will place those images here. Readers are encouraged to view these images and submit any insights that you might have. Even if only a small detail, your insights can be helpful.

Unknown Images 1-9

Unknown Images 10-19


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Created: September 20, 2000
Last updated: 6:56 PM 3/15/2006