Unknown Images: Image 1--British Scout?

Figure 1.--HBU believes this is a British boy photographed about 1915-20, but is unsure if he is a Cub or Scout.

HBU has no information on the image here (figure 1). It almost certainly is British as it is a postcard print purchased in Britain. There are no badges or insignia with clues, but I assume he is a Cub or Scout. The boy appears to be wearing a Cub-like sweater, but he seems a bit old not to have eraned any badges yet. He wears a Scout hat--but without insignia. HBU would date it about 1915-20, but that is just a guess. A British contributor believes that it may be from the early days of Scouting, perhaps about 1910. Scouting rules had not yet been set in stone. Although not the official age, he may have attached himself to the nearest Scout troop before cub units were set up for the younger boys in 1916. In the same way, so many girls began setting up unofficial scout-type groups that Baden Powell had to ask his sister to start the guides in order to regularise the situation. Please let HBU know if you notice anything that can help date or identify this image or have any comments about the boys afiliation with Scouting.


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Created: May 19, 2004
Last updated: 7:11 PM 3/15/2006