Boys' Uniformed Group: Activities--Games

Figure 1.--The British Scouts, probably photographed in the 1950s, enjoy a game of leap frog. Notice the kneesocks with the patterned tops and the black "plimsols" the one Scout is wearing.

One of the most popular activities at youth group meetings are the games. This is especially the case for the younger boys. A great variety of games, both indoor and outdoor have been developed for youth groups. This is especially true of Scouts, but almost all other youth groups have also employed games. Sometimes boys are told to wear a special uniform such as "t" shirts instead of the regulation shirts for some games. Some youth groups are especially known for some of the games developed for the boys.

Boys' Brigade

The Boys' Brigade put a great focus on marching and drill and fewer games were commonly pursued at meetings. This has changed substantially in recent years and Brigade meetings commonly include games--often games developed by the Scouts.

Boy Scouts

Scouts are particularly well known for games. These are a special favorite for Cub age boys. Leaders pursue a wide range of games with the Cubs including many outdoor circle games and roughhouse games like "British bulldog". There are akso indoor games like racing matchbox cars. Scouts also pursue a wide range of games. Outdoor wide games like "capture the flag" are great favorites.

Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth meetings inluded a great deal of drill and lining up. Games were also played, especially at camps. Often very rough games were pursued such as a version of capture the flag. Often physical fights ocurred as part of these games which was incouraged by the leaders. The games were seen as a way of toughening the boys up. Weaker and mild mannered boys sometimes had a rough time of it.


Wandervogel was a more serious group and games played a smaller role in meetings and events than with many other organizations.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: December 2, 2000
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