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Youth Group Bibliography

Scouting for Boys
Figure 1.--No other book for, or about, youth organizations has had a greater impact than Baden-Powell's "Scouting for Boys". He borrowed heavily from other pioneers of youth organizaions, especially American naturalist Earnest Thompson Seaton.

Bibliographies with information on boys' youth organizations. There is a wealth of material published on Scouting, but less material on other groups. In addition, much of the available scholarship is American or British. HBU had noted pertinent works on specific pages, but will collect the various sources here.

General Youth Group Works

These are sources discussing youth groups in general or which discuss two or more groups.

Gillis, John R. Youth and History: Tradition and Change in European Age Relations, 1770-Present (1974).

Kett, Joseph F. Rites of Passage: Adolescence in America, 1790 to the Present (1977).

Macleod, David I. Building Character in the American Boy: The Boy Scouts, YMCA, and Their Forerunners, 1870-1920 (The University of Wisconsin Press, 1983), 315p.

Specific Youth Groups

Here are works about specific youth groups.

Boys' Brigade

Peacock, Roger S. Pioneer of Boyhood: The Story of Sir William Smith, Founder of the Boys' Brigade (1954).

Boy Scouts

No youth group has been more widely assessed and discussed than the Boy Scouts.

Baden-Powell, Agnes and Robert Baden-Powell. The Handbook for Girl Guides: How Girls Can Help to Build Up the Empire.

Baden-Powell, Robert. Scouting for Boys.

Bogan, Samuel D. No Larger Fields: The History of a Boy Scout Council, 1910-1963 (1966).

Barcelo, Louis Paul. Scouting for Catholics: Adding the Supernatural (1939)

Beard, Dan. Hardly a Man Is Now Alive: The Autobiography of Dan Beard (1939).

Brooks, Sidney. "England's Boy Army", Harper's Weekly, 54, March 26, 1910.

Hantover, Jeffrey P. "The Boy Scouts and the Validation of Masculinity", Journal of Social Issues (Vol. 34)", no. 1 (1978), pp. 184-195.

Mechling, Jay. On My Honor: Boy Scouts and the Making of American Youth (2001).

Mechling, Jay. "The Magic of the Boy Scout Campfire," Journal of American Folklore Vol 93, Jan - Mar 1980.

Murray, William D. The History of the Boy Scouts of America (1937).

Peterson, Robert. The Boy Scouts: An American Adventure (1984).

Reimer, Edward F. Matching Mountains with the Boy Scout Uniform (E. P. Dutton & Co., 1929).

Reynolds, E.E. The Scout Movement (1950).

Rosenthal, Michael. The Character Factory: The book is by an American academic and, and sets out the show that the British boy scout movement, as conceived by Baden Powell, was nationalistic and imperialistic in its motivation, rather than purely altruistic. Hence the title.

St. George Saunders, Hilary. The Left Handshake: The Boy Scout Movement during the War, 1939-1945.

Seaton, Ernest Thompson. Trail of an Artist-Naturalist: The Autobiography of Ernest Thompson Seton (1948). Wadland, John Henry. Ernest Thompson Seton: Man and Nature in the Progressive Era, 1880-1915 (1978).

Wyland, Roy O. Scouting in the Schools: A Study of the Relationship between the Schools and the Boy Scouts of America (1934).

Building a Popular Movement: A Case Study of the Public Relations of the Boy Scouts of America (1944).

Honor Bright Boys' Handbook (United States: 1920s). This was a series distributed in the 1920s. I'm not sure, however, that it was an official BSA publication.

Hitler Youth bibliography

The Hitler Youth has engendered considerable interest. A substantial body of persoanl accounts and scholarship exists on the NAZI youth group. Some Informative studies of the Hitler Youth are listed here. HBU hads not been able to review all of these books. We would be very interested in any insights that readers may obtain from their readings on the subjec

Young Pioneers


We also notice a number of periodical publications that various youth group movements have sponsored. The Btitish Scout movement, for example, has published several Scouting periodicals over time.


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