United States Boy Scout Publications: Honor Bright Boy's Handbook

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One BSA publication series was the Honor Bright Boy's Handbook. At least we think it is a BSA publicatioin, we are not completely sure. The Handbook was done in several printings during the 1920s. "Honor Bright" referred to a Scout's honor and good deads.


One BSA series was the Honor Bright Boy's Handbook. At least we thought that it was a BSA publicatioin. A reader tells us that it was published by Reliance Manufacturing Company, 212 West Monroe Street Chicago. [Ramey] This was a clothing compny using the Handbooks to market it children's garments. The Handbook was done in several printings during the 1920s. "Honor Bright" referred to a Scout's honor and good deads. The Handbook was a 100-page handbook filled with "stunts" lively boys were likelt to do. They were distributed to cusyomers who purchased Honor Bright clothing. There were many how to pages, showing boys how to make boats, cabins, box kites, and much more. There was also camping and orienteering skill tips, such as how to tell north without a compass, sinalling, and ourher outdoors skills. A reader tells us, "I have a Honor Bright Boy's Handbook, fourth printing, July 1924. I was given this book by my father." [Ramey]


The tern "honor bright" appears in a Scout vesper sung to the tune of "Tannenbaum":

Softly falls the light of day,
While our campfire fades away.
Silently each scout should ask:
"Have I done my daily task?
Have I kept my honor bright?
Can I guiltless sleep tonight?
Have I done and have I dared
Everything to be prepared.?"

Listen Lord, oh listen Lord,
As I whisper soft and low,
Bless my Mom and bless my Dad,
There is something they should know.
I have kept my honor bright.
The Oath and Law has been my guide.
Mom and Dad, this you should know,
Deep in my heart I love you so.

Honor Bright Clothing

Apparently the BSA licensed the term "Honor Bright". A company producing children's blouses and shirts as well as other children's wear was the Reliance Manufacturing Company. They made Honor Bright shirts and blouses. An ad for boy's blouses--from The Youth's Companion (June 15, 1922). This ad appeared just as school was letting out in mid-June and appeals to boys and mothers who want to put their boys in blouses that will stand up under the strain of the activity of summer play. Notice that the boy in the illustration is running with his school books after being released from school. He wears a tie with his blouse, a striped blouse, above-the-knee knickers, and long black stockings.

Reader Comment

A reader tells us, "I was doing an internet search for "Honor Bright" by Dwight Welton and found a reference to an Honor Bright handbook. I believe it to be the result of two stories (although I think there were more) written on or about 1886 by Dwight Welton. One was 'Honor Bright' and one was 'Twenty Crusoes'. They are booked as being "...two complete stores comprising the first number of the 'Honor Bright Series'. No boy's library is complete without a copy. They are fully illustrated."


Ramey, Paul. E-mail messages, December 29-30, 2007.


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