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National Boy Scout Movements: Geograpical Areas and Country Trends

Americam boy scouts
Figure 1.--The American scout uniform was changed in the 1980s. The boys are trading patches at a jamboree.

Scouting is the most international of all youth groups. There are Scout associations in virtually ll countries where the government does not ban the movement. One interesting aspect of Scouting is the many varied national uniforms. The original scouting uniforms were all similar to the military-style adopted by Baden Powell when he founded English Scouting. National Scout uniforms have since evolved into colorful, diverse outfits reflecting the character and traditions of each country's Scouts. Scout uniforms have also been affected by contemportary fashion trends.

Country Pages: Geographical Areas

Please have a look at available information on Scouting in the following geographical areas and the development of the various national uniforms in each different area. Scouting is the most international of all youth groups. It began in Europe and spread worldwide. There are Scout associations in virtually ll countries where the government does not ban the movement. The movemrent is strongest in Europe and America, but

Alphabetical Listings

Readers may wish to use the alphabetical Scout country listings to find information about Scouts in a specific country, rather than going through the regional listings. There is no summary with each country listing here. Only the straight country name on wgich you can quickly select the country in which you are interested.

Unknown Images

HBU has obtained a number of images of Scout uniforms, but can not identify the nationality. If you can figure out what country these boys are from, please let HBU know.

Scout Events

We note a range of events in which we see Scout uniforms from all over the world. These events include events such as Camporees, Expos, Gang Shows, and a range of other events Scouts stage. As part of these events, local Scouts may dress up in foreign uniforms. There may also be some foreign scouts living locally. The boys find the different uniforms fascinating. There are also a range of national and internaional events in which Scouts may showcase their uniforms. This is not only the obvious international jamborees, but also foreign Scouts commonly attend national jamborees as well and wear their uniforms.

Country Pages: Youth Groups

Don't forget that there are also country pages where you can read about all the different youth groups active in any specific country. While the Scouts are the major boys' youth grouop in America and Britain, other groups have been more important in other countries over time.


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