Boy Scout Uniforms: Events

Figure 1.-- This 1957 photograph features ???? 13, Denmark; Jack Connell, 11, Germany; Nigel Feldman, 12, Philippine Islands, and George Lewis, 12, Scotland. The press caption read, "Edmundson Pavillion will become the 'Big Top' Friday and Saturday nights for the 35th Boy Scout Circus of the Chief Seattle Council. More than 12,000 Boy Scouts, Cubs, and Explorers, under the guidance of hundreds of adult volunteer leaders, will take part in the biennial pagent. The citcus them is 'A World of Scouting'. The show will illustrate the scope of scouting throughout the world. The circus will feature ten acts, including the enty parade and portrayals of Scout law, pioneering, physical development, games Indian lore, and scouting advancement.

We note a range of events in which we see Scout uniforms from all over the world. These events include events such as Camporees, Expos, Gang Shows, and a range of other events Scouts stage. As part of these events, local Scouts may dress up in foreign uniforms. This gives Scouts a chance to see all the different uniforms worn in other countries. There may also be some foreign scouts living locally. The boys find the different uniforms fascinating. There are also a range of national and internaional events in which Scouts may showcase their uniforms. This is not only the obvious international jamborees, but also foreign Scouts commonly attended national jamborees as well and wear their uniforms.


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