Boys' Uniformed Group: Activities--Pagentry

Figure 1.--The Flemish VNJ is a modern group that still gives great attention to pagentry.

Pagentry is spectacular display or pomp. Youth organizations have varied greatly as to the importance of pagentry. The Hitler Youth and other nationalist groups gave more attention to pagentry than most other youth groups, but the Scouts also gave some attention to it. Pagentry seems to have been much more popular with boys in the first half of the 20th century, but less so after Workld War II (1939-45). There are, however, still some groups that give some attention to pagentry, these same groups also generally continue to insist on a formal uniform.

Boys' Brigade

HBU has no inforation on Boys' Brigade pagentry.

Boy Scouts

Scouts have varied as to the importance of pagentry. Many groups gave some attentin to it, although HBU has little information at this time. In American Scouting, pagentry is fairly limited, although the fraternal order--the Order of the Arrow does have considerable pagentry associated with it.

Hitler Youth

Probably no uniformed youth group gave the attention to pagentry that the Hitler Youth gave to it. This was in part due to the NAZI interest in history, or their concept of history, and the myths of the Germanic past. Hitler Youth units not only participated in parades and public events, but they had elaborate pagentry for meetings and especiallly summer camps.


HBU has no information on the pagentry associated with Pioneer groups.


The Flemish VNJ is a modern group that still gives great attention to pagentry. This is in the tradition of nationlist groups who have traditiionally given more attention to pagentry than many other groups. The VNJ is a youth group in Flanders supporting independencevfrom Belgium.


The German Wandervogel gave considerable attention to pagentry, but much less informally than the Hitler Youth that was to so dominate Germany beginning in 1933. The Wandervogel was less influenced by adults than many other groups. Their pagentry was thus more amateurish, but they proceeded the Hitler Youth in harkening back to Germany's roots and folk culture.

Christopher Wagner

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