Boys' Historic Uniforms: The 1850s

Figure 1.--

The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) which had been organized in England during the 1840s reached America in the 1850s. The first YMCA was organized in Boston and Montreal in 1851. This came about largely from entusiastic letters home from young Americans and Candanias living in London. American and Cannadian YMCAs held their first conference in 1854 and the convention agreed to a loose confederation, annual convention, and the creation of a central committee. The first world conference was held in Paris during 1855 and formed a World Alliance. The YMCA was initially conceived as an association for young men, but work with boys, not forseen by the founders, was to become a key activity for the new organization.

Two giants in the foundation of boys' uniformed youth groups were born in the 1850s. Daniel Carter Beard was born during 1850 in America. Robert Baden Powell was born in England during 1857.

Christopher Wagner

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