Boys' Historic Uniforms: The 1890s

Figure 1.--This painting pictures recruiting for the Boys Brigade in Scotland. It was probably painted in the 1890s. Note the boy at the keft wearing a kilt with his uniform.

There were uniformed youth groups operating in Europe during the 1890s. Some Americans would have been aware of this. And people were thinking about approached that would evetually lead to Scouting. Some groups were organizing at the local level.

Boys' Brigade

The Boys' Brigade continued to grow in England anmd Scotland. The concept as promoted by Founder Sir William Smith proved popular with boys. For the first time, church activities mean that they did not have to sit for long periods in stuffy churches singing hymns that had little appreciation for what was important to boys. By the 1890s the concept of "Drilla and disciplime" was throughly ingrained in the organization and activities.

Brigade Immitators

Some small new organizations formed, but did not reach the national importance of the Boys' Brigade. They were sectarian organizations. The Boys' Brigade was generally seem as associated with the Church of Scotland. Other groups included formed were the Church of England (Anglican) Church Lads' Brigade (1890) and the Boys' Life Brigade (1899). Catholic and Jewish organizations were formed in 1900.

Scotings' Foundations

Further developments layed the foundations for Scouting after the turn of the century. Aids To Scouting was published in 1899.

Local Groups

We notice photographs of local groups in America that may be nfrmal youth groups without any national organization. We have found one unidentified group in 1892-93.


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