Boys' Historical Uniforms: Garment Requirements

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Boys uniform groups have had different requirements over time. Some have been very strict about how the uniform should be worn. It was up to the local group to enforce the regulations set forward by the national organization. Generally groups were much stricter than is currently the case. Uniform requirements began to decline substantially after the 1960s. This has varied greatly, however, by group and chronological era. Some groups like British and American Scouts or the Hitler Youth were very strict about the uniform. Other groups like the Young Pioneers gave much less attention to uniform. Often groups did not insist that all uniform items be worn. The Scouts and Cubs in recent years varied greatly in requitements, often not insisting on uniform pants, adopting a "belt-up" policy.

Some uniform requirements of various groups over time include:

U.S. Cubs: 2000

The Pack fully supports the BSA's policy on uniforms. Part of being a Scout (Cub or Boy) is the proper wearing of and caring for the uniform. Every piece of the uniform has a special meaning. Each part is to be worn in a certain way and at a certain time. The inside front cover of the Wolf, Bear & Webelos handbooks all have excellent Uniform Guides. An excellent Uniform Guide can be found at the The Pack site.

However, Pack leaders are also parents. As such we know that money does not grow in trees as fast as these little guys grow out of or wear out a pair of pants. So, the Pack has adopted a "Belt Up" policy on Uniforms. This means that each Cub must have a BSA official web belt, uniform shirt, kerchief, slide and hat. Blue, green or khaki pants and shorts can be worn. Sweat pants, running pants, sport uniform pants/shorts, swim gear or athletic shorts are NOT acceptable. Sneakers and hiking boots are accepted as footwear, sandals, flip-flops, and cleats are not accepted.

Christopher Wagner

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