Boys' Clubs Acticities: Indian Lore

Figure 1.--This press photo which appeared in "The Examiner" was captioned, "All ears and feathers are these members of the Columbia Park Boys' Club Indian lore group as they listen to "The Old Timer", Bill Thompson, of radio's Fibber Magee and Molly programs, spin a yarn. Bob Harder, boy's worker, is at Thompson's right. Thonpson, chairman of Area Council 28, Boys' Club of America, will address parents of the Club's members tonight (Thursday)O to win volunteer workers for the $3,570,000 Building for Youth appeal."

One activity was Indian Lore, an actuivity that has also been used by other American youth groups, especially the Cub Scouts and YMCA. We are not sure just how popular Indian Lore prograjms were at Boys' Clubs. Indian Lore seems especially popular for Cub-age boys. Girls seem less interested. This Indian Lore group was sponsored by the Columbia Park Boys' Club in San Francisco during 1948 (figure 1).


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Created: 12:46 AM 7/3/2008
Last updated: 12:46 AM 7/3/2008