Uniforms of Boys' Youth Groups: Jewish Lads' Brigade

Figure 1.--.

The newly arrived Easten European Jews in Britain felt excluded as regards the Christian based Boys' Brigade and Church Lads' Brigade. Impressed with the success of these programs, English Jews in 1900 set up the Jewish Lads' Brigade for their sons. Until the 19th century there were very few Jews in England, but emmigration from Eastern Europe greatly increased the number during the 19th cebntury.


The purpose of the Jewish Lads' Brigade is to train its members in loyalty, honour, discipline and self-respect in order that they shall become worthy and useful citizens and a credit to their Country and their community.


The Jewish Lads' Brigade is primarily an English group. The national headquarters is located in London.


HBU has no information on the Jewish Lads' Brigade at this time.


Sharman Kadish, A Good Jew and a Good Englishman: The Jewish Lads' and Girls' Brigade 1895-1995 (Vallentine Mitchell 1995).

Christopher Wagner

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