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The Scouting movement from its earliest year received the support of influential people. After a generation that support was intensified as former Scouts began to gain positions of prominance. The movement has been supported by a hiost of royal personages as well as presidents and prime ministers. Many have lent their support to a movement which they believe has played a positive role in their lives and they believe can benefit future generations.


Royalty often host important Scouting event. This tradition has continued to modern days.

World Jamboree (London: 1920?)

The British royals were strong supporters of the Scouting movement and often appeared at major events such as the first national and world jamborees.

Celebration of Scouting (London: 1998)

Scouting supporters from 25 countries gathered, for e in London for a 'Celebration of Scouting' on Wednesday, May 13, 1998. The event recognised the growth of the Scout Movement's 25 million strong world-wide Membership today and launched preparations for Scouting's Centenary in 2007. During the afternoon, 30 girls and boys from London Scout Groups, represented the half a million UK Scouts when they practised many traditional Scouting skills in the grounds of The Natural History Museum, Kensington. These included abseiling, archery, pioneering, modern camp cooking and even hang-gliding. They were visited by the King of Sweden, one of the world's most enthusiastic supporters of Scouting. Wearing his Scout uniform, he talked to many of the young people.

At a press conference in Baden-Powell House attended by the King and George Purdy, Chief Scout, the Chairman of the World Scout Foundation Klaus Jacobs, outlined how on 1 August, 2007, "Sunrise" will be celebrated with a new commitment to Scouting. He highlighted His Majesty's key message that an investment in young people is an investment in the future. Derek Twine, Chief Executive of the UK Scout Association revealed the intention to bid to host the Centennial World Scout Jamboree in 2007 in the UK. This will bring tens of thousands of young people together from all round the world and has the support of the Prime Minister.

In the evening, the 'Celebration of Scouting' was attended by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Patron of The Scout Association, accompanied by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. The event was hosted jointly by King Carl Gustaf VI of Sweden, Honorary President of the World Scout Foundation and HRH The Duke of Kent, President of The Scout Association in the UK. Royalty, national and international guests representing business, commerce, industry and show business dined in The Natural History Museum where they were entertained by young people from across the UK. Their talented singing, dancing and musicianship demonstrated an often understated creative aspect of Scouting. Distinguished guests included HM King Constantine of Greece with HM Queen Anne-Marie, Mr Andrew Buxton, Chairman of Barclays Bank and Chairman of the UK Scout Business Trust and The Hon. Mrs Betty Clay, daughter of Lord Baden-Powell the Founder.

The World Scout Foundation and the World Organisation of the Scout Movement are based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Foundation provides part of the financial means necessary for the support and continuing growth of Scouting worldwide. Since 1990, 30 new member countries have joined or rejoined the World Scout Organisation following the collapse of communist regimes. Today there are more than 25 million Scouts in 216 countries and territories. Only five at the end of the 20th century do not have Scouting: four comminist countries (China, Cuba,, North Korea, and Viet Nam) and Myanmar (formerly Burma).

Christopher Wagner

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