Pakistani Radicalism and Support of Terrorism

Figure 1.--Nothing so illustrates the barbarity of Pakistani radicalism than the prevalent attitudes toward this brave girl--Malala Yousafzai. The rest of the world honors her and she is now a Nobel Peace Price laureate. A Taliban thug burst on to her school bus and shot her in the head because she spoke out for educating girls (2012). Somehow she survived. Looking back, Malala tells us, "My weakness died that day." The reaction of many Pakistani Muslims was not to condemn the Taliban Islamists behind this heinous act of terrorism, but to amazingly accuse Malala of being a CIA spy. Many did not like her exposing Pakistan to international criticism. All too many Muslims are willing to condone barbarity as long as it is done in the name of Islam. Turning to evil has a way of metastasizing. Many Muslims have turned to terror to kill Jews, Christians, and Hindus. The result has been ever increasing killing of fellow Muslims, including innocent children. The Taliban thugs who shot Malala have now carried out a much larger assault on Pakistani children--the Peshawar school massacre (December 16, 2014). Terrorists echoing the religious intolerance on this page slaughtered 145 children and teachers.

HBC has corresponded with a number of Pakistanis have have been astounded by the level of ignorance and support for terrorism prevalent in the country. And here we are not talking about those radicalized by the madrassas, but English speaking Pakistanis that have been educated in state and private schools, many active in the business community. Many have contacted HBC with an interest in exporting to America. Yet when questioned they express a deep-seated hatred for America and Europe. Most Pakistanis will say they are not terrorists and here we agree with them, however, large numbers of Pakistanis are sympathetic or even condine terrotrism as long as it is justified by individuals expressing Koranic justification. While few Pakistanics joined Osama bin Laden, large numnbers had no trouble with him seeking refuge in their country. The level of ignorance expressed on world issues defies belief. We have decided to load their hate-filled messages here to provide a window on Pakistan for those of us in the rest. And keep in mind that the people here are the same who will tell you that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. Imagine the thought process at play in larger Pakistani society much less educated and familiar with the West than these businessmen. We have attached the responses we received. The nature of the messages here speak volumes about Pakistan and how Pakistanis think.

Radical Replies

Most of the replies we received show a starteling streak of radicalism and hatrfed of the West, despite a desire to profit from business dealings by the people they so vehemenbtly hate. Some of the individuals here have cintacted us and expressed aegree of remorse for expressing themselves so vociferously. But here are the exact words they used which appear to express their deep-seated feelings. We have provided eMail links in case you want to speak with these individuals to find that there are people who actually believe these things.

IM International

A representative of IM International who did not identify himself writes, "When Jewish attached on twin tower where was CIA.Are you super power of world lol ? Have you forgotten Jewish killed Prophet JUSES ?. We hate USA in world.We do not care you. Do know what is past of USA. White had killed black. Are you civilized people in world? We know real fact of USA OR EUROPE.

E-mail message from IM International, May 5, 2011

Two Star International

A representative of Two Star International who did not identify himself writes, "Usa is number one terrorists country in world. South American countries can ask you more better then. Osama was your friend first specially your grand father Bush. Bush is number one terrorist. You son of bitch where is weapons in Iraq. This is the fact we hate USA. Due to you double role in world. Our ruler is son of bitch like your ruler. So therefore we hate. In past you attached on week country in the world. They do not have weapon like Iraq Af. Have you forgotten Vietnam. They f----d [HBC deleted profanity] you. People of Pakistan know very well. What is your worth. Pakistan is in process. People are full aware from you. Now we need best ruler here once we get best people then we will cut off relation to you. People of Pakistan like China. They are great people in world. They do not like double like you. About Iran you tried to put the pressure on then but useless huh."


E-mail message from Two Star International, May 9-10, 2011. IM International and Two Star International appear to be the same company.

Finfact Sports

Its quite surprising that you beleive that we harbor terrorists where as we beleive rather we all know that you guys are the biggest terrorists in the world today. Countries like yours think that they are clean but in actual fact they are the dirtiest from head to toe. You first provide assistence to the so called terrorists and when the job is done you pronounce them as terrorists. Its country like yours who have double standards. You need to peep into your own clothes and see what you guys are really are. I'm sorry if i have been so blunt with my answer but these are the facts and you should be more carefully what you say the next time.

You don't understand. You need to be told the truth. We are not poverty stricken , if we were then why would your country take so much interest in our country. It is we who are trying to clean up your mess. Don't forget what happened in Vietnam , Iraq and Afgahnistan. ultimately when you guys have lost rather i should say you guys have already lost but just trying to find excuses and your country will have to crawl out of these countries. You guys come to Pakistan for Osama and create all the drama where as you know that Osama was not here in the first place. Your country really think that we are stupid but they are very wrong. We are just waiting for the right leadership to show countries like yours what we are made off. It is your country who violate our boundries and bomb innocent people in our country and you tell us that we are killing people. You & people like you need to straighten your mind and be more realistic. Ultimately your bossing around will come to an end. The doom is near for countries like yours. We don't hate you but i have just provided you some facts and i'm sorry if it hurts, facts are always painfull. [HBC note: Note that Muddassar's message is strinkingly devoid of facts and full of opinions. My xperience with him and others is they are not intelectually capable of differentiating between facts and opinions.]

E-mail message from Muddassar at Finfact Sports, July 14, 2011.

MHF Leather Garments

We condemn [your asertion that we harbor terroists] it. First of all for your kind information we are peaceful people and not terrorists nor [do] we support terrorists. Second: Do you not know who harbor and facilitate terrorists that murder innocent civilians? I can reply, USA and his allians (Europe). They are himself terrorist and always support terrorists. Pls reply, 1: Who is killing innocent civilians in Palestine? who is supporting Israel? 2: Who is killing innocent civilians in Iraq? 3: Who is killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan? 4: Who is killing innocent civilians in Kashmir? Open your eyes and see it who is terrorist and who is doing all this and for what purpose? for oil? for Muslims Land? to destroy Muslims ? USA and Europe is doing all this [explicative deleted]. You ask about Iranians, Iranians are 100000000000000% better than you people. They are not doing and bloodshed in the world like you. You people have destroy the peace of the world, and made world unsafe. You people are responsible for all terrorism in the world. We do not like to do business with stupid people like you.

E-mail message from Hamad ul Hassan at MHF Leather Garments, July 16, 2011.

Top Class International

Thank's but what you mean about of terrorists do you know about of American policy and do you know about of Ladin Murder you know Ladin Die in U.S.A not in Pakistan and if you have any proof sent us and tell us about of Ladin Murder movie not picture and second if you don't work with our company no problime and this is not answer and second time control your wrong mind.

E-mail message from Mr Jamil at Top Class International, July 19, 2011.

Yakoob Embroidery Works

We are located in Sialkot city of Pakistan. We are much safe and also donot like terrorists, you maybe know that Biggest terrorists in the world is USA. USA give aids and also provide weapons to all agencies in Pakistan and Iran. You know that biggest CID [HBC note: I think he means CIA] terrorists agent of USA Mr. Davis, which killed many peoples and also BOMB Blasts in Paksitan. First you read your histroy then you take any decisions who are the terrorists ...................... So why you people blame us? We are not terrorists, we are Muslim which mean Spread Peace all over the world, USA is the biggest terrorists, you also know very well. If you do not want to do business with us no problem we'll not force you, but you never can say terrorists.

E-mail message from Zafar Iqbal at Yakoob Embroidery Works, September 26, 2011.

Af Faiz Enterprises

First I would like to tell you that millions of customers are doing business with our country from, all over the world, also from your country. We are in city Sialkot, which is known in all over the world one of the big industrial city of Asia, all the surgical instrument, sports wear, safety wear, etc are being manufactured in our city and supplying to USA, Europe, etc, but they have not any risk in matter of doing business to our country. As for as the matter of harbor countries, I think you should read this a statement which sent by a my customer from America, >(Many Pakistanis do not like Americans. We do too much bombing around the world with our military and cause people in the middle east to hate us. I think our military needs to get out of those places including Afghanistan and Pakistan with our Military. There would be less terrorism if we got out of the middle east). I need the answer of my questions. First, America blamed to Iraq without any proof, that they have nuclear power plant, then attacked on Iraq with heavy weapons, and died millions of innocent people of Iraq, and now they occupied on Iraq, after this Afghanastan, Libya, shaaame, etc. And they have found nothing what they are blaming. Why America destroyed the peace of Iraq, Liby, Afghanastan? Now, America destroying the peace of Pakistan, and brutalize killing the people of Pakistan, with drone attack, suicide bombing. Why drone attack at Pakistan? If America attack to innocent people , then they will never sit with peace they will also attacked to American's military, it's the right of them to attacked on enemy. America self created the terrorists, America supported to terrorists when Russia attacked on Afghanastan and got lose them by muslims. Only one content to attacking all the muslims countries, to get oil, and destroyed the peace of Muslims countries. Rather our government is stupid, greedy and whore son, who is supporting to American military, against the innocent muslims. They are not muslims who throw the acid, and died to innocent people. If we support and facilitate to terrorists then why they would suicide attacked into our country? American is playing role as desperate.

E-mail message from Muhammad Faizan. CEO of Af Faiz Enterprises, July 14, 2012.

Tiger Leather Company

After reading your kind e-mail Iíve realized that you and your staff stand among those people who generate these terrorist activities so obviously you would prefer working with your terrorist mates. What about those innocent people and children being killed everyday in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan because of drone attacks? Do you not feel sorry for those children how donít even know themselves why they are being killed at the age when they are suppose to be attending school? Perhaps you might not feel sorry because they donít have a white skin, or they are not christens, or maybe because they donít belong to the US.

E-mail message from Zaigham Shahzad from Tiger Leather Company, July 28, 2012.


Quite a number of Pakistanis simply ignored the clear evidence and denied that their country harbors or facilitates terrorism. One example is an individual who wrote us, "It's not true. We are not one of them who are facilitating the terrorists. Who are murdering and crippling the innocents." [Qaisar] Some even denied that their countrymen conducted terror attacks.

More Reasoned Reponses

It should not be thought that all the Pakistanis who contacted us expressed these largely ignorant and hateful feelings. We received a few temperate and reasonsed responses. Not very many, but we did receive a few. And in an effort to be fair to Pakistan, we thought it important to include these responses. And as they point out, there are people of good faith in Pakistan who nare aoauled by terrotism and the killing of innocent civilians. Whether they can win the struggle for the soul of Pakistan is an open question. Unlike the radical responses, we will not identify these individuals (unless they give us permission) because the thoughts they express may well put them in danger. Like the radical rsonses, they come from Pakistani businessmen operating clothing businesses.

Moderate response 1

Thanks for your surprising response. We have great respect for your personal opinion which you must have got through media. But the real situation is totally different from your opinion. We are greatly suffering from these cruel and animal terrorists who are killing our innocent people without any reason. We are absolutely AGAINST these terrorists and let me inform you one more thing which has escaped from your notice that Pakistan is the major partner to all the countries fighting against terrorism. A great number of Pakistan Army officers and soldiers has been martyred till today and still our Army and civil society is giving a real tough time to these terrorists who are working to de-stablize our country with the support of our enemy countries. We suggest that you should know the real facts before making any opinion about Pakistan.

We agree with much of what this reader says here. There are many people of good faith in Pakistan struggling agiainst fundamentalist terrorist intent on mindless killing of civilians. He repeats a misundertanding that we often get from Pakistanis and readrs in other Muslim countries. He is under vthe illusion that the media in the United States is anti Pakistani and anti-Muslim in general. In fact the mainline media in America and Britain do their best to perpetuate the idea that the problem of terrorism is: 1) not as significant as some suggest and 2) not a problem largely associated with Muslims. But our reader himself points out all the civilians and security forces killed in Pakistan alone. And Pakistanis seems unaware as go the degree major nes outlets like the major networks, CNBC, and important newspapers try to deflect Muslims from the taint of terrorism. Papers like the New York Times and Washingtom Posts will often not identify the religion of terrorisrts (the great majority of whom are Muslims). Many people in America have learned that the main-line media can not be trusted. Many outlets would have you believe that the Tea Party is more violent than the Terroists. For our part we have acquired our information from various sources. The America media is one of them, but the internet proviodes access to Pakistani media which report in detail about teroorist attacks. And we have widely read historican works as well as the Koran. And as you can see here, we have had extensive discussions with Pakistanis.

Name withheld, E-mail dated September 7, 2011. [We are withholding the names of moderate correspondents to protect them from Pakistani Islamicists.]


Is it impossible to have a real discussion with most of these people. Their charges are of course absurd. But Pakistan does not have a free press and Islam does not promote free thought. For example if I lived in Pakistan, I would be arrested for heresy and executed. Of course this is a testament to the weakeness and backwardness of Pakistani religious and national thought--it can not stand the bright sunlight of free and open discussion. The historoans amomg us will instantly draw an association with the Medieval period in Europe and the supression of free though and diversity by the Inquisition--only we are not talking about the medieval era, but today's Pakistan. It is no accident that many Pakistanis, Iranians, and Arabs would like to return to medieval golden ages. The absence of free and open discussion is why so many Pakistanis are so filled with ignorant, hate-filled ideas. But while normal political discourse is impossible, it is possible to clearly explain to even these radicalized people the failed trajectory of their country. I simply ask them what has their country contributed to the modern world. What important conctribution in science, mathematics, or medicine has Pakistan made? NAME JUST ONE!! Not a long list like America and many other free countries have made -- name just one lone contribution from Pakistan. Of course they can not name even one contribution of any importance. No amount of misleading and falsified press statements or religious zelotry can cover up this simple truth. Pakistan pure and simple is a failed country that has contributed nothing to the modern world. Rather the Pakistanis use the technology and medical advances of our free Western societies, because their backward society is incapable of generating any advanced technology of any value. The tragedy is that so few Pakistanis have the intelectual insight to ask themselves this basic question and then try to understand why.


Qaisar, Luqman. E-mail message, December 7, 2011.


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