* American girls chronology 1940s historical girls' clothing: chronological listings -- 1940s

Girl's Historical Clothing: Chronological Listings--the 1940s

Figure 1.--We are not positive when this snapshot of German children was taken, but it looks like the early 1940s to us. The girl wears a summer dress and the todler boy a blouse.

The 1940s were dominated by World War II (1939-45). Fashion went on hold for the early 40s, but there were changes in everyday clothes. Like World War I, World War II had a major impact on fashion. Fashionable clothes became more simple. Play clothes becme more utilitarin. Girls still mostly wore dresses, but for play clothes mote casual garmens like shorts became popular. We even see some girls wearing long pants, mostly during the Winter. The fact that many mothers and teenagers worked in war plants undoubtedly had a significant impact on fashion. Even so when going to school or dressing up, girls still always wore dresses. Saddle shoes were very popular in America.

The 1940s

About 1940: Saddle shoes: American brother and sister


1940: Print dress: Swedish girl

1940: Pants: American girls


1941: Little girl's dress: French girl

1941: Little boy and girl dressy outfits: French boy and girl

1941: Little boy and girl capes: Little French boy and girl

1941: Children's smocks: French war orphans

1941-42: Girl's traditional costumre: Japanese girl and her brothers

1941: Print dresses: American sisters


1942: Ring bearer and flower girl: Little American boy and girl

1942: School dresses: American elementary school


1943: Black dresses: Italian (Sicilian) girls and women

1943: Gym uniforms: American girls

1943: Headwear Swedish girls


1944: Play dresses: German girls


1945: School hats: British girls

1945: Suspender shorts: Swedish girl


1946: School uniforms: English grammar school

1946: Little girl dresses: Canadian drama class

1946: Little girl dress and ringlet curls: American family Christmas photograph


1947: Easter outfits: French boys and girls

1947: Christmas outfits: French boys and girls

1947: White summer dresses ad hair bows Italian girls

1947: Worn dress Italian brother and sister


1948: Pigtails and traditional dress: German girl

1948: School uniformEnglish brother and sister


Late 1940s

Late 1940s: Spring dress and hair bow: Dutch family

Late 1940s: Pinafores: Canadian girls


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