Scottish Cadet Uniform: High School of Glasgow, 1963-64

Figure 1.--The picture shows the NCOs and Warrant Officers of the school CCF. Doubtless the kilts would have been reserved for ceremonial occasions and worn by the cadet sergeants and sergeant majors. The corporals standing in the back row are wearing trousers.

The boys at the High School of Glasgow wear some differing uniform items. I'm not sure if these differences were just tolerated or they represnt a difference in rank. The boys pictured appaer to be the senior boys. The cadet uniform was standard throughout the United Kingdom, but cadets in Scotland and Ulster had some distinctive features for their uniform, I'm less sure about Wales.


This photograph was taken in 1963-64.


A HBC indicates that this is the High School of Glasgow. Glasgow is Scotland's largest cities. One of the two large cities in Scotland. It is more industrialized than Edinburgh to the east. Our Scottish reader reports that the High School is the second oldest school in the United Kingdom. Presunably that means secondary school.

Cadet Corps

The school would have boasted a large CCF detachment to have so many cadet officers.

Basic Uniform

The basic uniform looks to be the khaki battledress, 1949 pattern. The regular army phased this out in the early 1960s but cadets went on wearing it for another decade. The boys wear their trousers bloused just above their boots. I'm not sure just how common that was in the army.


A little difficult to see is the sashes that some of the cadets are wearing. A British reader tells us, "The sash would be the red sash worn by all Sergeants and Warrent Officers in the British Army, the last remnant of the famous red jacket. Warrent Officers do not wear stripes on their upper sleeves but a large patch, usually depicting a crown, on their sleeve below the elbow. The most senior Warrent Officer, usually the Regimental Sergeant Major, would wear a Sam Browne, that is a shiny leather belt, usually woith two prongs in the buckle, and a shoulder strap. In some regiments a Company Sergeant Major might also wear one."

Figure 2.--This close up of the cadet officers show the distinctive sporran worn by the ranking officer. Three balls signify a dress sporran.

Distinctive Features

There are two distinctive features allowed the Scottish cadets. The first was the cap. Here most of the cadets wear a balmoral tam with a cockade. I'm not sure if all Scottish cadets wore the same cockade and just what it signified. I'm also not sure if just the officers wore it. The other dustinctive feature was the kilt and sporran. Along with the kilt they wear argyle socks and white spats.


Despite the careful uniforming involved here there are differences. Based on the stripes, it looks like the senior boys are seated. Thus it appears that only the senior officers wore the kilt with their cadet uniform. The other differences are less obvious. Thr boys in the front row wear a sash, although the color makes it difficult to see. Strangely these straps are worn in two different directions. I have no idea what that meant. There appear to be some differences in the sporran. Presumably the cadet in the middle is the senior officer. A sporran with three balls is a dress (formal) sporran. (I'm not sure what the three balls signify.) This may have been differences in rank. One boy wears a white belt, I'm not sure what that signified. Another boy wears a Glengary cap rather than a Balmoral tam, I'm also unsure what that meant. Three boys have shoulder lanyards, I'm also unsure what that means. Note the two boys with swager sticks.

Comparable English School

A view of the Cadet uniform at an English school, in this case the Haarow County School, also in the mid 1960s can be seen here.


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