Button-on U.S. Long Stockings (1939)

Figure 1.--This advertisement for button-on long stockings appeared in a 1939 Montgomery Ward clothing catalog in 1939. They look rather like tights, but were in fact a type of long stockings.

A style of button-on stiockings appeared for both boys and girls in the late 1930s. This style were in fact very sinilar to tights, but had button closures instead of a simple elatic band. They were made in a cotton-rayon blend. They apparently buttoned on to the child's underwear. The were available only in light colots, tan and white. Ward indicated that they did not wrinkle as much as long stovkings. They were, however, a good deal more expensive than regular long stockings. They certainly solved on complaint of te boys wearing long stockings with short pants, that their stoickings were no long enough. HBC is not sure how popular this style roved. The advertisement indicated that this style was priving popular with "thousands of boys and girls". HBC is not sure that this was accurate. The rarity of the advertisement suggests that they did not prove to be a commercial success. We note Wards offering them in the 1943-44 catalog. That may havebeen the last time.


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Created: May 20, 2000
Last updated: 11:59 PM 3/21/2006