American Little Lord Fauntleroy Broad-brimmed Sailor Hats: Colors

Figure 1.--This cabinent card [prtrait was only marked 'Imperial'. We can tell from the mount, however, that is was probably taken about 1890-95. Notice the large dark, flat top crown hat the boy wore with his classic Little Lord Fauntleroy suit. JUnfortunately we can not tell precisely whag the color was. Black is a good possibility, but we are not at all sure.

The broad-brimmed hats boys wore with Little Lord Fauntleroy were done in different colors. Unfortunately, all we can say from the photographic record. At this time all we can say is that we note light and dark colors. Many of these hats were done in straw. Thus we think the light colors are mostly natural straw. The dark hats are probably black, although because of the black-and white photography of the day we have no color information. Surely some, probably most, of the hats were black. Whether they were done in dark colors we are not sure. Black would make sense as so many Fauntleroy suits were black. There were, however, Fauntleroy suits done in colors like dark blue, brown, green, and maroon. Whether there were hats to match, we do not know. We notice a few hats which look to us a mid-ramge color, not natural color or dark. We suspect that these were a brown shade, but we have no actual information on this. We also notice these hats with different colors weave in to form patterns. These hats were done innother material like felt and here we also notice various colors, but like the straw hats we are unsure about colors otherthan light and dark. The light hats aree probably natutral wool colors. We are less sure about the dark hats. We have never noted a discussion of color associated with these hats. Hopefully we will find some information in the mail order catlogs we are archiving.


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Created: 9:11 PM 4/28/2014
Last updated: 9:11 PM 4/28/2014