American Little Lord Fauntleroy Broad-brimmed Sailor Hats: Material

Figure 1.--This cabinent card portrait shows an unidentified boy wearing a wide-brimmed straw sailor hat. Notice the streamer. He has a classic Fauntleroy suit. He has a lace collar and cuffs with a white floppy bow. The boy looks to be about 5 years old. The portrait us unsated, but we would guess was taken un the late-1880s. The studio is Schoenfelder in Newark, New Jersey.

Many of these broad-brimmed hats worn with Fauntleroy suits were straw hats. We do not notice many other hat styles worn with Fauntleroy suits. Many of the hats we notice were straw hats, but we do notice some other materials, we think primarily felt, but not the hats with the really wide brims. The felt hats, however seem to be the smaller-brimmed rounded crown hats and not the broad-brimmed hats. This seema a mtter of practicality and perhaps costs. Straw was cheaper than felt. It was also easier to make the brod brims in straw than felt. Some suits had matching headwear. This was not the case with the broad-brimmed hats. While there is a strong association between the two garments, at least in the modern mind. Straw and velvet can, however, hardly be seen as matching. Although in some cases, mothers did select dark-colored straw to go with velvet suits, usually but not always black. We can see a dark straw wide-brimmed hat on theprevious page. Actual matching jeadwear seems more likely to be tams which might be done in velvet rather than these straw-wide brimmed hats.


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