American Little Lord Fauntleroy Suit Hats: Broad-brimmed Sailor Hat--Stylistic Elements

Figure 1.--This unidentified boy was photogeaphed in the Vose studio, perhaps in Boston. He looks to be about 6 years old. The portrait is undated, but looks like th 1890s to us. He wears a Faunteroy suit with an open sailor jacket. The fancy Fauntleroy blouse is edged with eylet lace. Noiice hi broad-brimmd sailor hat. Curiously there is no hat band, but there are twin streammers,

There were two major stylistic elements associated with wide-brimmed hats, the crown and the brim. WE note many vatiations of both. They were enough to give many vaied looks. While only twp basic variables, there were quite a few different ways that both the brim and the crown could be done. We note both rounded and flat crowns. The rounded crowns varfied as to the degree of rounding. Some look almost flat. Others seem a partial seni-circle. Another variable was wear the rounding began. Some hts had an almost vertical rise before the dounding began. We also notice hats with widely varied brim widths. Some of the brims were straight, others were curved to varying degrees. The curving as almost always up, but in the 1910s we see more varied brims. By this time though we no longer see many Fauntleroy suits. The flat crowns varied as to high the sides rose to the crown. While the crown and the brim were the principal stylistic variables, they were not the only one. There were other variables, including the hat band, streamers, and chin straps. HAt bands were dione in colors and various widths. Black or dark colors seem the most common. We note both single and double streamers. Chin straps are more difficult to assess. Most portraits with ide-brimmed hats do not have the boys actually wearing them.


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Created: 8:54 PM 5/8/2008
Last updated: 10:01 PM 4/26/2013