American Little Lord Fauntleroy Suit Hats: Folded-brim Soft Hats

Figure 1.--This unidentified boy was photographed in the Dafoe studio in Alpena, Michigan. The portrait is undated, but looks to have been taken in the late 1890s. The boy wears a classic cut-away jacket Fauntleroy suit with a ruffled collar. Note the soft hat with the folded-up brim.

Some boys wore the soft folded-crown hat headwear with Little Lord Fauntleroy suits. It was a hat that was quite popular during the late-19th century. We are not sure, however, just what to call it. It is a soft cap and in contrast to the wide-brimmed sailor hat, the brim was folded up, rather like a navy swabie cap. The soft rounded crown extended up over the folded up brim. It was usually a dark cap, but we are not sure about the color. Also unlike the broad brimmed sailor cap, it was not a little boy hat style. We see many school-age boys wearing them with all kinds of suits. We are not sure about the chronology of these hats. We certainly see them in the 1880s. We are not yet sure about the 1870s. They were soft cloth caps, but I think a similar headwear style was sone in fur.


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Created: 7:28 AM 3/13/2008
Last updated: 7:28 AM 3/13/2008