Movie Listings: Unknown Images

Figure 1.--We know that this is an Italian film, but we do not know what the title was. The costiming suggests a lte 19th century setting. Th children look to be in a city park.

HBC has received some images from readers. We know virtually nothing about the films, although we can sometimes determine the country or sknow some about the setting of the film or the plot. Sometimes we know absolutely nothing about the film beyound the image. Hopefully HBC readers will be able to identify the film or tell us something about it.


We have trouble identifying foreign films because we are not very familar with non-English languaged films. We can usually identify American films because we are familr with many films. And only knowing the names of the actors we can usually figure out the name of the film. Hollywood has hoever produced a vast mumber of films. As a resuklt there are many filns we have not seen and are not familar with. We can usually figure out the decade involved. Here the fashions depicted or the ages of child actors are valuable clues. But the names of some films elude us. Readers have helped identify some films, but theee are stills some that we have not identify. So we post them here hpoing to figure them out.


English boys' clothing until after World War II was relativly destinctive and thus British films can often be idntified by the costuming. England has an especially important film industry. We are familiar with English films, but not nearly as so with American movies. As a result there are several scenes from English movies that we can not identify.


We have some images from German films but are unsure as to when they were made. One looks to be relatively old. we are unsure if it reallu was or if it was just good costuming and made to look old.


We note a few scenes from Italian films, but are unable to identify them. Our knowledge of Italian films is limited. Hopefully our Italian readers will help identify these films. The costiming of the scene here suggests a lte 19th century setting (figure 1). Th children look to be in a city park.


Japan has a very large and active movie industry. Unfortunately we have very limited information about Japanese actors or the films themselves. We have several clips from Japanese films, but have been unable to identify the specific films involved. Hopefully our Japanese readers will help us here. Many of these films until relatively recently were rather low budget productions , usually set in modern times and thus relatively accurate reflections of contemprary fashions.

South Africa

We do not know a great deal about South African movies. We note a movie about a White and a Black boy. We are not sure where it was made, but we are guessing that it may be from or about South Africa. The film may have been made in the 1990s although the clothing looks like earlier styles. We are not sure who the two actors are.

Unknown Countries

These are movie images where thge country is not apparent.


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Created: October 20, 2003
Last updated: 10:40 PM 8/2/2019