Boys' Youth Group Uniforms: Country Organizations

Figure 1.--Uniformed yout groups like these American Boy Scouts are often involved in civil activities. American Scouts were the only Scouts that wore knicker-like breeches rather than short pants.

HBU at this stage of its development has only limited information on the various youth groups in many countries. Often only information is available on scouting. To assess the country page of the Scouting and other youth movements click here.

Boys' Brigade

The Boys' Brigade was the forst uniformed youth organization. Information is available on the Boys' Brigade uniforms in several different countries.

Boy Scouts

One interesting aspect of Scouting is the many varied national uniforms. The original scouting uniforms were all similar to the military-style adopted by Baden Powell when he founded English Scouting. National Scout uniforms have since evolved into colorful, diverse outfits reflecting the character and traditions of each country's Scouts. Scout uniforms have also been affected by contemportary fashion trends. Please have a look at available information on Scouting in the various countries and the development of the various national uniforms in each different country.

Nationist Groups

The 20th Century has seen the rise of two basic types of boys uniformed youth groups. One type like the Scouts took an internationlist approach. The other type was organized with a strongly nationalist approach. Information on nationalist groups in specific countries. This group of organizations have declined in importance during recent years. Thet were most important during the 1930s as virulently nationlistic Governments took power in Europe and organized state-sponsored youth groups--often abolishing the Scouts. The horrors of Fascism and World War II tarnished the impages of these groups and today only a few are still active.

Young Pioneers

The Communist Revolution in Russia occured during 1917, before the Scouting movement could be established to any extent. Scouting has always been a middle-class movement. The Communists instead set up the Young Pioneer movement to involve all children. The Communist Party (CPSU) was the most important organization in the Soviet Union. The Party used youth groups like the Young Pioneers as part of its overall program to inculcate Communist ideology. Other potentially competing youth groups were outlawed. Country Movements The first Pioneer movement was established in the Soviet Union, but upon seizing power, the Communist Party established the Young Pioneers in each country where they seized power from Momgolia to Cuba.


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