Azerbaijan Youth Group Uniforms

Figure 1.--This photograph was taken in 1951 at Mashtagi, a suburb of Baku, Azerbaijan. At the time, Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union. The children were at a Young Pioneer camp. All but one boy are barefoot. Bare feet were common at early Pioneer camps. By the 1960s, sandals were more common.

We have little information about Azerbaijan youth groups. Azerbaijan was part of the Tsarist Empire in the early 20th century. There may have been a small Scout movement which developed before World War I, but we have no information at this time. Azerbaijan was incorporated into the Soviet Union after the Civil War. As part of the Soviet Union, boys in Azerbaijan participated in the Young Pioneer movement. The Pioneer Movement was a mass youth movement, so large numbers of Azerii children would have participated. The Pioneer movement was a national youth movement, but each Soviet republic had its own Pionee organization. We have little specific information at this time about the movement in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan began an independent country after the disolutin of the Soiviet Union (1992). We know less about youth groups since independence (1992). Apparently a Scout movement has been organized there, but we have very limited information. One source reports that there are efforts to build a Scouting movement. One reader has forward an image showing a group of Sea Scouts.


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