Boys' Brigade Marching Bands

Figure 1.--This Boys' Brigade marching band participated in the 2001 Lord Mayor's Show in London. Note that this Boys' Brigade band has girl members. They partivipate in many civic occassions.

One popular activity for the British Boys' Brigade band competitions. Most of the bands in these competitions are Scout groups. The Boys' Brigade, however, also sponsors marching bands. Almost surely Boys' Brigade bands predate the first Scout band as the Brigade was organized many years before Baden Powell's Scouts. English Boys' Brigade units have some active bands. I resume there are also groups in Scotland, but have no information at this time. The Brigade is a smaller organization than the Scouts so there are fewer Brigade bands. We are not sure about the precise number. The ones we have seen, however, appaer to go in for spit and polish, more so than some Scout bands. Notice for example the white gloces here. We have also noted some Brigade pipe bands, especially in Brigade units outside Britain which tend to be smaller and thus able to form full marching bands. The pipe bands also testify to the Scottish roots of the organization. We note that the Girls' Brigade joins in with the boys to form these bands. We are unsure how they do in the competitions with the Scout bands. They partivipate in many civic occassions.


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Created: May 10, 2002
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