Boys' Brigade Country Groups: Nigeria

Figure 1.--This photograph shiws Life Boys and their Brtish leader (presumably the pastor at tge sponsirig church) in Shagamu during 1933. Notice the kady, probably the leader's wife anbd two local leaders. Life boys were the junior division of the Boys' Brigade, like Cubs in Scouting. Shagamu Sagamu is a city in souhwetern Nigeria near the coast close to the Ibu River. The boys seem ti have been given tuniucs to wear as a unifirm.

We also notice the Boys' Brigade in Nigeria, but have been unable to find much information about them. The Boys' Brigade was founded in Nigeria (1908). We see a Life Boys group in 1933. Life Boys were the yiunger division of the Boys' Brigade, rather like Cubs in Scouting. There was a Boys' Life Brigade in Britain, but they joined with the Boy' Brigad. After doing so, they dropped Scouting as an activity. As this was a Christian organization, it was only found to any extent in the south. There continue to be several active groups associated with Chritian churches. The country's vice president atended the centenary ceklebration. The Nigerian websites mostly recount the British history of the Brigade. One unit in Kano report that the organizatiin there declined after independence, but since the 1980s hs ben revived by local leaderhip. e have been able to find littkle information bout the overal mivement in Nigeria. A Brigader writes to us, "I am a boys brigade member based in Nigeria. Please my company is in need of some instruments that enhance the spirit of our menbers such as: trumpet, parade brass band and some material in order to help my company grow. You can reach ne through this address: Church of Nigeria Anglican Commuion through my Lord Bishop Rt Rv Dr Chukwuma Emmanuel Olisa in Cathedral Church of Goodshepherd, Enugu State Nigeria. My own church is Our Saviour Anglican Church Amandim Olo in Ezeagu L.G.A of Enugu State." [Collins]


Collins, Odune. E-mail message, November 30, 2006.


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