Wandervogel: Uniforms

Figure 1.--This is apparently a Wandervogel group from Berlin. There is some uniformity in their dress, but it looks more like schoolwear, including the caos, rgan any Wandervogel uniform." The caption with this uniform read, "Der "Wandervogel E.V." wurde 1904 als Nachfolger des Steglitzer "Ausschusses für Schülerfahrten" gegründet, der "Keimzelle" der Wandervogelbewegung Schuelerfahrten". I believe that means, "The Wandervogel E.V. was founded 1904 as successor of the Steglitz commitee for students' trips, the "seed" of the Wandervogel movement students' trips." I'm not sure why the reference is to 1904, I believe the movement was foinded in 1901,

HBU have very little information on the Wandervogel uniforms. Hoffman also has strong feelings abour clothing. He thought that the style of one's clothes should fit the desired way of life. Creased trousers, starched shirts, and ties were hardly suitable attire for cross-country hikes. Instead shorts, dark shirts, a waterproof, and hob-nailed boots were indispensable. This was in effect a uniform, but was not the para-military uniform adopted by the Scouts or later by the Hitler Youth. Some of the available images of the Wandervogel seem to show the boys without uniforms, although it is not always easy to tell. Other sources tell us that the Wanndervogel did have uniforms, but not as destibctive a uniform as the Scouts. Nor did the Wandervogel give the kind of attention to a uniform as was the case of the Scouts. A contributor reports, "The Wandervogels did have a uniform, according to Bertolt Brecht in his Berlin: A Scrapbook of the Twenties. The uniforms appear rather rustic in photos. This book has a brief but informative chapter on the Wandervogel and its connection to some of the Weimar youth groups and the Hitler Youth." Another source reports that Wandervogel, like organizations that would follow it, adopted a specific style of dress, a ranking system, and a stylized way of recognizing each other.


Brecht, Bertolt. Berlin: A Scrapbook of the Twenties.


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