Hitler Youth Requirements

Figure 1.--Here we see some HJ boys at summer casmp. They seem to working on First Aid.

The HJ set requirements in exercise, shooting, communications, map reading, first aid, and other areas that the boys were expected to achieve. We do not yet have details on those requirements which presumably were staggered according to the DJ/HJ levels or age. Presumably there was some sort of handbook establishing these requirements. We assume that the boys were instructed in the weekly meeings. We also note training exercizes at summer camps. We are less sure how the testing was conducted or what happened to boys who did not meet the requirements. One interesting aspect here is that the boys did not have merit badges on their uniforms to show their accomplishments. Not did they have the achieved-based ranks reflecting their accomplishments like the system in Cub/Boy Scouting. That seems a little surprising given the German penchant for uniforms. The HJ uniforms were a little plain compared to Scouting which far fewer badges.


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