Soviet Young Pioneers: Summer Camp Uniforms--Regular Camps

Figure 1.--This formal photograph was taken at a regular Pioneer camp in 1983. The would dress up in their uniforms for formal portraits like this, but did not wear their uniforms all the time while at camp.

Most of the images we have seen show the children wearing uniforms at the camps. A Russian reader tells us, however, that mostly the children wore a variety of cassual clothes. Apparently for formal photographs, the children put on their uniforms. The uniform was for special occasions such as concerts or meeting guests and was usally worn about twice a week. The children were not issued special uniforms for these camps. They wore their normal Pioneer uniforms from school. This explains why there are some differences, such as short and long sleeve shirts. A Russian reader tells us, "In the USSR there was no special uniform for Pioneer summer camps. In the list of clothes which it was necessary was to take with itself in camp usual street clothes and pioneer uniform. In 1970-2000 among other clothes, the children always brought: white shirts, shorts, white ankle or knee socks, and a red scarfe.


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Created: November 9, 2003
Last updated: November 9, 2003